The Cheri Scam:

If you get messages like the ones below, do not click on the links in the messages. The sites that are linked to in the messages, and, redirect you to, which is a fake site used to trick you into signing up for yet another fake dating site. How do we know is not a real dating site? First of all, that sign-in form at the top of the page (click the picture to enlarge it):

It does nothing. If you put in a random user name and password and click the login button, you don’t get logged in to the site and you don’t get an error message as you’d expect to get from a random user name and pasword. The form doesn’t do anything, it is just a fake form put on the page to make the site look real.

There is also a sign-up form in the bottom right of the page. Its appearance varies based upon which other site is being promoted. Here is one of the forms you may see:

This form is actually a sign-up form for another site. It is contained in an iframe that loads content from that other site. For instance, if you look at the page source you might see an iframe like this defined:

<iframe marginheight=”50marginwidth=”0name=”iFramesrc=””0height=”1150scrolling=”nowidth=”700“>

In this case, the iframe loads content from and the scammer is trying to get you to sign up for that site.

Also, sometimes the people that send you these messages make money just from directing traffic to these fake dating sites. We don’t want to help them stay in business, so don’t click on the links in the messages at all.

Here are some sample scam messages:

Hey Babe, hehe you seem to be my kind of guy.

thanks for the reply. Totally honestly, i just want some no strings action today or tomorrow. You into that?

You ever do this? I’ve a couple times b4. Everytime I think about hooking up with no strings I get really horny but a little worried. I don’t want to meet some underage kid or something.

I’m a pretty upfront person so let me just lay this out before we go any further. This is a NSA thing with nothing else. I just got out of a relationship and am not looking for a guy to hold me back.

If you are good with that then there is one more thing I have for you. I am getting a lot of emails from HS kids and creepy guys out there so i am requiring everyone to register for my peace of mind. Its no cost but I promise if you do this, Ill make it worth your while and will be more open to whatever you want to do. If you dont want to do this then i am afraid we can’t go any further because it wont be any fun for me being stressed and afraid of you the whole time.

If you want to meet me still then just go here go here. You can find my profile and contact information there.

I’m looking forward to seeing you

Call me at the number on there.

Bye for now


Here is another message that “Cheri” sends.


I never heard back from you. I must be nuts to do this, but your email caught my attention. I really want to meet you if you are still game. I hope the verification thing didnt scare you away but it really only takes a minute and i promise you won’t be dissapointed! Here is the link again in case you are still interested in meeting.

After you register, call me ASAP I’m making plans for tonight. My number is on there.

I hope to hear from you soon. :)


And yet another.


I owe you an apology. I just found out that site I sent you to tries to charge people and it wasn’t supposed too. I was just trying to do something to stay safe and feel a little better about meeting you. Someone just told me that it isn’t free like they said it was and I paid $150 to sign up to use it… :(

Well, i still want to meet you if you aren’t too upset with me. If you are, I understand. i would like to get together sometime, maybe chat on the net a bit first then meet in a public place or something. i’d feel more comfortable that way.

I joined a site that IS free for you to join. They don’t even ask for a card or anything. Only an email so you can verify your registration. I have pictures on there, there is free video chat etc. It would just make me feel more safe to meet you and have some in between contact 1st you know?

Here it is, check it out and you will see that I have checked things out this time and it is free. I hope you’ll contact me there. Here is the link, and my username is “letsplay” so you can contact me there.

Hope I see you soon,


The person who sends these messages also sends messages for a “Brandi”. These are the URLs used for her profile:

And here are some of the other URLs used for this scam.