2SafeLocals.net and Verify-Locals2.com

Here are two more fake dating sites:


If you try to visit the home page of either of them, you see the message “Error 401. Please enter the full Link”. You need to include a path to one of the viewable pages. For example, these URLs both work.


The sign-up form for 2SafeLocals.net is inside a frame that loads content from amateurpleasuretube.com or some other porn site, as you can see by right-clicking on the form and looking at the frame source.



Verify-Locals2 has a dummy login form in the top right corner. If you enter a name and password and click enter, nothing happens. This is the same form, and as a matter of fact, this entire page is almost identical to the one we saw on craigslistsafe.localsafe.org. The sign-up form for this site sits in a frame that loads its content from cashuniversity.com, and when you sign up you get directed to some adult site or other. Again, you can see this by looking at the frame source.


More Scam Sites

The following are scam sites similar to the ones that have been reported here before. They’re used to trick you into signing up for porn sites. Right now, we are just listing them. More information about them will be provided later, but for now, trust us, they’re fake dating sites, not real ones.


Another dating verification scam site has been discovered. The site is LiveSafeToday.net.

LiveSafeToday.net (Click to enlarge)

See where it says “The SAFEST way to meet people online in [Your location]” in the top right corner of the page? The site uses IP location technology to get your approximate location and display it where [Your location] is. The verification form in the bottom right corner is used to get you to sign up for the porn site DiscreetHoneys.com, not LiveSafeToday.net. It is in a separate frame and the code comes from join.securepaypass.com. Also, notice that in the top left corner there are the words “Craigslist Safe” in big blue letters.

Although it says in the bottom left of the page that they have “successfully verified thousands of users since August, 2008”, The site has only been in existence since December 3, 2010, as you can see by looking it up at who.is.


Domain Name: livesafetoday.net 
Updated: 3 seconds ago  Refresh 

Whois Server: whois.internet.bs
Referral URL: http://www.internet.bs
Status: clientTransferProhibited

Expiration Date: 2011-12-03
Creation Date: 2010-12-03
Last Update Date: 2010-12-04

Name Servers:
See livesafetoday.net DNS Records

The name servers for the site are ns1.global-host.org and ns2.global-host.org and the SOA record for the site shows that the DNS server administrator for its zone is admin@global-host.org.


Name Server ns1.global-host.org
Email admin@global-host.org
Serial Number 2010120803
Refresh 1 day
Retry 2 hours
Expiry 41 days 16 hours
Minimum 1 day

Global-host.org is a fake hosting company. Its home page consists simply of a design template for a hosting company. Another site with this template is rcchost.com. Also, the site global-host.org was just created on November 19th, 2010.

Global-host.org is a fake hosting company.

The IP for LiveSafeToday.net is and the IP for Global-host.org is Both of these IPs are owned by Ecatel.

Proof That Christopher Lawell Owns MiyaBot and Is Therefore VegasChris

Some more has been discovered about MiyaBot, the chatbot sold by VegasChris of MoneyMakerDiscussion.com, the man who was once a VP of a mortgage company and now markets porn on the internet by means of hiring people to post fake dating ads on Craigslist. On the site uowow.com, which now has nothing but a default website page, there was once a source code repository for a Microsoft Visual Studio Solution (a collection of software development projects) with the name MiyaBot. It no longer exists but is still partly viewable in Google’s cache.

The MiyBot solution was located at http://www.uowow.com:8080/svn/CLI/AimBot/Miyabot.sln (Click to enlarge)

In the screen shot above, see that the URL given for the solution file was


In this path, there is a directory called svn, which stands for Apache Subversion, the name of the source code control system being used here. It’s standard practice in using Subversion to create your source code repositories in directories underneath this one. The source code repository in this case happens to be called CLI, which just happen to be the initials of Christopher Lawell Inc.

Well, it was discovered that the person who owned this server is a computer programmer who was one of Chris Lawell’s Facebook friends. It was thought that he was the person who created MiyaBot. We contacted him and asked him how he was involved with Christopher Lawell. This is a screen shot of part of the conversation. His name, picture, and other identifying information were blanked out since he doesn’t want to be associated with any illegal activities.

Conversation about Chris Lawell
More of the conversation

So this person confirms that Chris Lawell is the owner of MiyaBot, which means that Chris Lawell is VegasChris of MoneyMakerDiscussion.com.

Christopher Lawell and the CraigslistSafe.LocalSafe.org Scam: A Review of the Evidence So Far

Let’s review everything that has been discovered regarding the scam site CraigslistSafe.LocalSafe.org and Christopher Lawell over the past few weeks.

On November 17th, a post was made on this blog that showed the following:

  1. Mysafenet.net, CraigslistSafe.LocalSafe.org, and some of the other sites used for the scam were all in a DNS zone that was administered by someone with the e-mail address finishlinehosting@cli-us.com.
  2. Cli-us.com is the website for Christopher Lawell Inc (CLI). At the time, the site consisted only of a home page with his logo.
  3. There was a publicly viewable LinkedIn profile for the Christopher Lawell of Christopher Lawell Inc that showed he lived in the Las Vegas area.
  4. There was a dating scam site called CraigslistSafe.SafeAndLocal.org that was discussed on Broadbandreports.com that was registered to Christopher Lawell of Henderson, Nevada. This site was very similar to CraigslistSafe.LocalSafe.org.
  5. Christopher Lawell wrote articles showing people how to spam Craigslist, which is one of the methods used by scammers to get traffic to these fake dating sites.

That same day, a little while after this post was made, complaints about the scam were sent by e-mail to Ecatel (the ISP for the scam sites), finishlinelinehosting@cli-us.com, and ThePlanet.com (the ISP for one of the sites used for sending the scam messages). These complaints contained a link to the blog post. Within a few hours, the scam sites hosted by Ecatel were shut down and Christopher Lawell hid his LinkedIn profile and removed his company’s logo from cli-us.com.

A few days after this, Christopher Lawell’s links to these scam sites were publicized. On November 26th, after some joker made a mock Facebook profile for Chris that some of his friends saw, he wrote a letter in which he denied having taking part in the scams and also denied ever being involved in marketing porn.

First, he said that regarding the hiding of his personal information:

When someone brought to my attention several days ago your current campaign against me, I contacted my attorney and they said to “lock everything down and wait for it to blow over. Addressing these claims will only fuel the fire.” At that time I took down my image from cli-us.com and locked down my linked in account…

But this just doesn’t agree with the facts. The personal information was hidden just a few hours after the e-mail message was sent to Ecatel, ThePlanet.Com and finishlinehosting@cli-us.com informing them of the post on this blog with the evidence implicating Chris in the scam. Outside of that single post and the complaints e-mailed to the ISPs and cli-us.com, there was no mention of Christopher Lawell in regards to the the scam anywhere on the Internet.

Second, he gave this story of how the site SafeAndLocal.org got registered in his name.

Over a year ago, I had someone contact me via my web design company 350dollarwebsites.com where we register domains then design and host websites for businesses that may not have a web presence. The person said they would like to register a domain and buy a hosting account. They already were working on a web design so I registered the domain he asked for with my Go Daddy account and set up a hosting account for him. I figured, why not, it’s an easy $20. I was notified at a later date by HostGator (my webhost) that he was violating our terms of service and I promptly canceled his account and refused to refund any money. He hassled me for some time and I blocked him on IM and email and he went away., or so I thought. When the complaint showed up on the broadband reports forum, I wrote multiple letters to the admins of that site explaining the situation and asking that the thread be removed, they ignored every request.

This story makes no sense. Since he registered the domain, he owned it and controlled it. Therefore, once he had suspended the account of this alleged client of his, SafeAndLocal.org would have been shut down and it would no longer have existed by the time the thread on Broadbandreports.com was created; there would have been no site for the people in that thread to discuss.

Even though this story makes no sense, he used it as a setup for his claim of how he believes that the e-mail address finishlinehosting@cli-us.com got to be used for the administrator of the DNS zone for the scam sites.

You base the fact that I am involved in this scam because my url “@cli-us.com” was used in registering the hosting account. However, I can start a hosting account right now with your email in it and it doesn’t mean that it is your hosting account…. It appears to me that this person who signed up for the domain registration and web-hosting through 350dollarwebsites.com using faked credentials and a stolen or fake PayPal has found a way to get back at me by listing my url as his hosting contact.

To begin with, the cli-us.com address wasn’t used for the scam sites’ registration information, it was used for the administrator of the DNS zone for the sites. This information is stored in the sites’ SOA records. Registration data is easy to fake while SOA records are controlled by DNS server administrators. In addition, the SOA record for a site is rarely seen by people. The registration information is of general public interest but the SOA record is almost never looked at by anyone other than DNS server administrators. If this alleged client of Chris was looking to get back at him by stealing his personal information, putting that information in this obscure place would not have been an effective means of doing that.

Finally, Chris tried to blow off the proof that he has had experience spamming Craigslist by talking about the articles he wrote on the subject as if they were mere attempts at article marketing. He didn’t address the content of the articles, and what that content says about him, at all.

The Craigslist article you point to was an early attempt at article marketing 3 YEARS ago. If you will notice in the article, there is reference to an affiliate link that no longer even exists. As I am sure you know, 3 years on the internet is a lifetime. I have not posted on Craigslist more than 1 ad per month (probably longer) in years.

As if all of this weren’t suspicious enough, further investigation revealed that

  1. There is someone on the site Freelancer.co.nz who has the alias VegasChris, lives in Henderson, and is affiliated with the company CLI. This VegasChris has placed ads looking for people to post fake dating ads on Craigslist for him. He also placed an ad looking for someone to ghost write articles on internet gaming for him. Christopher Lawell said in his letter that he makes money from “internet marketing efforts in the online gaming vertical”.
  2. There is also someone on the site MoneyMakerDiscussion.com who uses the alias VegasChris. This VegasChris also posted ads looking for people to spam Craigslist with fake dating ads and moreover we saw that he discussed his involvement with marketing porn for the site PornProfit.com. He used to use his board posting signature to promote the company InCorp of Henderson, Nevada and he says that he used to be the VP of a mortgage company, just as Christopher Lawell once was. In addition, he once mentioned Chris Lawell’s company Clearline Media as an example of some good website design that his friend SnBirdi did.
  3. On Facebook there is a profile for a Chris Lawell who posted an advertisement for the chatbot MiyaBot on his wall back in March. VegasChris of MMD has also promoted MiyaBot a few times and is in fact the owner of the company MiyaBot. VegasChris’ friend SnBirdi, the website designer who worked on ClearlineMedia.com, also designed MiyaBot.com

Now, tell me, when we consider all of the evidence discovered, and also consider just how full of holes the explanations in Christopher Lawell’s letter were, what are we supposed to conclude?


It has now been confirmed that Christopher Lawell is VegasChris. See the evidence.

Chris Lawell on Facebook: Is the Chris Lawell Who Plugs MiyaBot the Same Chris Lawell of 350DollarWebsites.com? Is He VegasChris of MMD?

There is more than one Facebook profile for someone called Chris Lawell. Besides the one that the partner at Clearline Media and president of Christopher Lawell Inc. and 350dollarwebsites.com acknowledges owning, there is also one with no profile picture uploaded. The owner of this other profile does, however, have his wall visible to the public so that we can see that on March 15th he used his wall to plug a chatbot called MiyaBot. (You must login to Facebook in order for the link to work so that you can view his wall.)

Someone with the name Chris Lawell plugging MiyaBot. (Click to enlarge)

I’ve already pointed out that in Google’s cache there is a now deleted thread where the MMD VegasChris recommends his friend SnBirdi for website design and gives as an example of his work the site for Chris Lawell’s company Clearline Media. Look at the page again and notice that he also gives Miyabot.com as an example of SnBirdi’s work.

Click to enlarge.

VegasChris has also recommended the product MiyaBot in the thread Dating Bot Jenny she walks she talks she converts :)

That’s only one of the benefits of using MiyaBOT. You can set up unlimited tokenized responses for messages.

The person can say “what’s your name?” and you can reply differently everytime.

And in the thread WTB MSN/AIM Bot, where user darkcrypt is looking to buy a chatbot, VegasChris says:

You are in luck. I just put one on the market today…

Contact me via pm with any questions!!


So VegasChris of MMD doesn’t just promote MiyaBot, he is the owner of the product. The link in the quote above goes to a thread that is no longer available that was titled “MiyaBot – The worlds most innovative Chat-Bot”.

Finally, in this deleted web page that is still in Google’s cache, VegasChris talks about the great job that his friend SnBirdi (aka Nick) has done on his website Miyabot.com.

VegasChris discussing Nick’s work on Miyabot.com

Chatbots, for those of you who don’t know, are computer programs that simulate conversations with real people. They are used sometimes by businesses like PayPal to provide automated support to their customers. They are also used by people who engage in e-Whoring, the scam of cheating men on the internet out of their money by getting them to believe that there is a real girl online who is interested in them.

We don’t know yet that these two Chris Lawells are the same person. But suppose that they were. The question arises, why would he have two Facebook accounts? A possible answer would be that he wanted to use one for his personal life and one for his business relationships. People who run their own businesses often have separate personal and business profiles on Facebook.

A Little Bit More About VegasChris of MoneyMakerDiscussion.com

On MMD there is a thread titled Hello! started by OnlineMom to introduce herself to the forum. VegasChris, being the polite man that he is, welcomes her and tells her a little about himself.

Welcome Online Mom. I as the VP of a national Mortgage company. Now I work from home as a full time IM’er (Internet marketer)

Our friend Chris Lawell was also once the Vice President of a mortgage company, Ace Mortgage Funding. (Click the image to enlarge it.)

In a previous post I showed you a screen shot of a past version of VegasChris’ profile where he used the name AnitaJohnson. In that profile he used his posting signature to promote the company InCorp of Henderson, Nevada. Look again at the URL for the link to InCorp which you can see in the browser status bar:

The URL that MMD redirects you to when you click the InCorp link is


which gets decoded to


See that portion of the URL after the question mark? That tells us the the account ID of the affiliate who is directing Web traffic to InCorp’s website. Using that ID, InCorp could tell us exactly who this VegasChris, the man who hires people to spam Craigslist with fake dating ads to promote porn sites, really is.

More on VegasChris of MoneyMakerDiscussion.com

In Google’s cache you can see a now deleted thread where the MMD VegasChris recommends user SnBirdi (aka Nick) for website design. As an example of his work he presents the website for Chris Lawell’s company Clearline Media.

VegasChris talking about the Clearline Media website. (Click to enlarge.)

If the link doesn’t work for you, search Google for

VegasChris ClearlineMedia

and look at the cached copies of the results. Notice that VegasChris wrapped his mentioning of ClearlineMedia.com in a code block instead of putting it in normal text. This is a trick that is used to prevent the page being discovered by MoneyMakerDiscussion.com’s search function. Any text wrapped in code is ignored by the search function, so that someone who uses MMD’s search feature to find references to ClearlineMedia won’t find this page. (It still can be found with a Google search, however.) The reasons that an MMD user would want to hide his reference to a company should be fairly obvious.

Also, there is a thread on MMD titled WE ACCEPT ALL TYPE OF TRAFFIC! started by Cody04, a representative of PornProfit.com. [WARNING: Their site has a link to their promotional video. Do not click on that link unless you have a very strong stomach.] Cody writes:


If you want to promote or are looking to promote adult, hit me up we can accept CL traffic, Chat Traffic,Search Engine Optimization… As long as the traffic converts we will take it!

We pay ON TIME and are very easy to get a hold of… We work with CCBill as our biller.. If you are interested hit me up on ICQ at 487111948

Check us out at Porn Profit Adult Affiliate Program – Pornprofit.com

In this thread we hear VegasChris complain that PornProfit.com suspended his account and didn’t pay him.

These guys just banned my account and have not paid. Now Cody is unavailable via ICQ.

I have many long specific convo’s with him regarding the traffic etc. he said he was fine with it.

He made a commitment to me that he would pay me for all joins to date even if he decides to cancel my traffic. He has not done so. I am giving him the opportunity to respond here. I will let everyone know if he comes through on his promise.