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In Google’s cache you can see a now deleted thread where the MMD VegasChris recommends user SnBirdi (aka Nick) for website design. As an example of his work he presents the website for Chris Lawell’s company Clearline Media.

VegasChris talking about the Clearline Media website. (Click to enlarge.)

If the link doesn’t work for you, search Google for

VegasChris ClearlineMedia

and look at the cached copies of the results. Notice that VegasChris wrapped his mentioning of in a code block instead of putting it in normal text. This is a trick that is used to prevent the page being discovered by’s search function. Any text wrapped in code is ignored by the search function, so that someone who uses MMD’s search feature to find references to ClearlineMedia won’t find this page. (It still can be found with a Google search, however.) The reasons that an MMD user would want to hide his reference to a company should be fairly obvious.

Also, there is a thread on MMD titled WE ACCEPT ALL TYPE OF TRAFFIC! started by Cody04, a representative of [WARNING: Their site has a link to their promotional video. Do not click on that link unless you have a very strong stomach.] Cody writes:


If you want to promote or are looking to promote adult, hit me up we can accept CL traffic, Chat Traffic,Search Engine Optimization… As long as the traffic converts we will take it!

We pay ON TIME and are very easy to get a hold of… We work with CCBill as our biller.. If you are interested hit me up on ICQ at 487111948

Check us out at Porn Profit Adult Affiliate Program –

In this thread we hear VegasChris complain that suspended his account and didn’t pay him.

These guys just banned my account and have not paid. Now Cody is unavailable via ICQ.

I have many long specific convo’s with him regarding the traffic etc. he said he was fine with it.

He made a commitment to me that he would pay me for all joins to date even if he decides to cancel my traffic. He has not done so. I am giving him the opportunity to respond here. I will let everyone know if he comes through on his promise.

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