“Jenn” (jenisaten@live,com,, and others) sends us this:

Hiya! Im Jenn. I guess you like my ad huh? hahaha ;) I post on CL because I am new to the area, and do not know any guys, that, and i also love having safe sex with random strange guys… and boy am I hooooooorrrrny! Seriously, I have been here for three weeks and I have not found anyone! NO, I am not a “bot”, whatever the hell that is, and I am very much sooo real, why do guys always ask that?..I’ve attached a few pictures, am I hot or what? I just love being pounded from the back, and I looove the taste of hot cum drippin down from my mouth (but no, i dont swallow, sorry).. gosh.. i guess you’re a guy, you’ll never understand! Of course, I like to also get eaten out! the longer your tongue the better! that also goes for your penis size hahaha. ;) I am down for whatever, maybe we can meet up at a hotel, and just do it like how they do it on discovery channel! haha. I want to be safe, so condoms is a must, and ofcourse, i have paperwork saying im disease free so hopefully you are too!.. and please dont ask for any personal information.. lets keep this discrete.. gosh I do not need ANYMORE stalkers. Anyways, if you’re down.. reply back. see ya! 


One of her photos:

If you reply to this message you get another one where she asks you to visit

Thank god you wrote back! So you like the pics then? I am hot right?! Thats what I thought, but I cannot seem to get a good lay.. geez. All I want is a good fucking, that is it… no strings attached for either you and I… thank god i found someone, hopefully we can meet tonight? I created a profile with some sexy pics of me (yes, nude! lol) at they wont let you in unless you’re 18 because of the nudity, and quite honestly, I wont meet you unless you’re 18, i am 23 afterall and that would be considered rape! NO thanks! once you’re a member, you will get my ‘virtual phone number’, so I dont have to give out my real one.. and just give me a call! hopefully we can meet up tonight?!! please! haha. seriously though, i need some.

As usual, the dating verification service that the site pretends to offer doesn’t exist and the sign up form is in a frame that gets its content from a porn site, so all that you will end up with if you give them your credit card information is some subscriptions to porn sites.


Looking up the whois information for shows that its IP address is and that its ISP is WorldStream. Worldstream is known to take fraud complaints seriously, so a complaint is being sent to them about this site.The headers for the second message show that it originated from another Worldstream IP,, and that it was routed through servers owned by NetDorm a.k.a. DNSExit. A complaint is being sent to that organization too.

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  1. I just got the same scam invitation. very clever. It started with a simple CL ad for NSA (Los Gatos) as follows:

    >> S-E-X is a game best played with two, so this gal is standing by to
    >> find a partner. Clock’s a ticking and I’m hot as hell and waiting for a
    > phone call.

    My reply:

    >> Your posting piqued my interest. Passionate foreign guy with endurance
    >> and plays the game well once the rules are laid out…reply back for a
    >> semi date to see if we have sparks..

    First reply to my posting with three pics: the one above plus one with a girl high on E! drinking gatorade.

    > hey there big guy, i hope your big in all the right places ;) was my ad
    > enticing enough? haha. i post on that site because I just love random SAFE
    > sex with strange guys, nothing gets me wetter, and my nipples harder! lol! I
    > AM REAL! are you?! i hope your not a spammer. geez whats up with those
    > people? always asking me if im a ‘bot’, what the hell is that? what
    > positions r ur favorites? mine is doggy, and i just love getting my titties
    > fondled.. and i hope you have a taste for fish haha! just kidding, im clean
    > and disease free (and u defintely must be the same), you do give oral right?
    > dont be lame -_- because i love sucking cock, and love gagging. and gettin
    > jizzd on my face.. but sorry i dont swallow, ew. so when do you think we can
    > meet up? most definetly not my place, and im not going to ur place.. so a
    > hotel.. on you of course haha!.. bring some alcohol, it always adds to the
    > fun! please dont ask for any personal info.. im here for discrete
    > encounters.. i just have way too much energy rite now! gotta stop drinking
    > them darn redbulls.. i hope i can use this energy in more productive/fun
    > ways, ;) hehehe. anways, ive attached a few pix of me, im hot rite?
    > rethorical question! i know i am ;p well, if you’re interested, reply back!

    > xoxo
    > ~me!


    i had a feeling i’d hear from u again ;P i know, im hot.. but wtf is up with these losers who do not want to meet up and give me a good dicking? wtf?! i hope ur not afraid of a real woman, r u tough guy?! i figured the best way to do this without me giving u any of my info. i created a profile here: it wont let you access it if you’re a child under 18, and i wouldnt want an inexperienced kiddie tryin to sex me up.. and besides that, its considered rape! haha. i am 23 afterall, u r legal rite? prove it! anyways, once u log in, u’ll get my number (no its not my real #, and u wont be getting that!) but this number forwards to my celly. so just give me a call and lets do this! hope to talk to u soon, u have sexy voice amirite? i hope to find out! xoxo~

    ~me again!

    Original Message:

  2. DnR says:

    A new one:

    You sound like exactly what I’m looking for. Ideally, I’d love an ongoing, discreet, mutually beneficial arrangement. One in which we both get what we are looking for. I attached a pic hope to hear from you soon.


    hey thanks for getting back to me
    we should definitely meetup sometime…
    if youre interested of course :)
    a couple things i should set straight though:
    1 we use condoms
    2 you join a dating site that I belong to for my safety
    My Profile
    no worries though its free and my numbers on there so hit me up again when you get this thanks

    So glad I googled first and found this blog.


  3. you dont want to know says:

    heres a new one


    Thanks for emailing me. Iv been getting so bored lately because I dont
    know anyone here anymore. I grew up here, but I moved to Phoenix to go to
    College at ASU. Now I moved back and all my original friends are either
    gone or married with kids.

    So…this is why Im here. Im looking for fun. Tel me…what things are you
    itno?? Do you have any hobbies? Im not to picky on looks to be honest..I
    just want tsomeone that loves life ande knows how to enjoy it. Confidence is
    a huge turn on.

    What are you looking for in a girl? What part of town do you live in? I live
    in West Lakeview off of W. Addison and Lincoln ave kinda behind the Baskin

    Welp, thats all I have to say for now…email me back sometime…

    and the attack!!!!!

    Hey, How are ya? Whatcya doin righ now? I attached another pic since I know
    how much you loved the other 1. Theres a funny story behind this (drunkin)
    picture…I’ll tell ya latr.

    Im so bored right now. Im just trying to think of something fun to do
    tomorrow because Im off work. Im a veterinarian by the way, and I love my
    job. But I just need some excitement in my life. Do you have any ideas?

    Maybe if your not busy, we can get together. I cant wait to go have some fun
    together…There is only 1 thing I ask of you first. I am really kinda
    scared to meet guys over the internet. I read about lots of bad things
    happening to girls, and even saw some things on the news. I am an
    attractive and successful girl, so I just have to protect myself.

    I found this site that lets you verify yourself before we meet. Its free,
    and you wont be chareged, but you will need a credit card to verify
    yourself. This weeds out the guys that are creeps and the underage guys.

    I can only meet you if you verify yourself. Im sure you understand. Heres
    the site url thingy for my profile.

    It takes like 30 seconds. so go verify your cute ass and then call me and
    lets start having some fun.
    Four eight zero – four zero nine – zero seven eight four.
    By the way..that is my Skype #, so you cant text me..also, if your a cant find out wherre I live. ha ha! Im smart. :)

    Im looking forward to hearing back from you soon so we can party.

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