Recently, someone received this cryptic message from Chelette Dullen ( in response to a m4w ad that he placed on Craigslist.

length into self Theyf

That was it. Being curious, he replied to her and he then received this message from Hilde Hearst ( along with a photo.

Hey there. We are a very fun couple looking for some fun with a bi guy :) Race is no big to us, we are both caucasian, but we welcome everyone :) I am 32 and he is 22, so anyone in that age range is welcome :)


So he played along and sent a message to He got a reply from “~ amy :-)” ( asking him to visit

Hey, Im very happy ur for real! I have had a horrible time meeting some one normal to hookup with. You appear to be the kind of guy i’d really love to get to know.

I’m trying to arrange a NSA arrangement. I assume that is what you are here for also. I don’t do this often, but having recently gotten out of a 5 year relationship.

If you’re interested in meeting with me, I have only got one requirement. I had a really scary experience with a guy once so I am requiring you to register here for my peace of mind. Theres no cost and it will just ensure I can enjoy my time with you and not be nervous when we meet. I just want to have good time and if you can’t do this for me, then it won’t be any fun and I’d appreciate it if you just didn’t contact me back.

If this sounds good to you, just go here: Fill out a username and send me your profile details. I can then private message you to make plans. My contact info is on there along with some photos and even a video message I made.

I hope to meet you soon. Im really excited to meet someone new.


This site, like which was reported here on February 2nd, has just a frame that loads a page from the fake dating site which was reported here on December 1st. It’s the same page, as a matter of fact:

UPDATE 2/7/11 and both have IPs administered by Ecatel. If you’d like to help get these sites shut down, then send a complaint to Forward them the message you received along with the message headers. has an IP administered by Netelligent. To get that site shut down, send a complaint to Forward them the message you received along with the message headers.

Instructions on how to view message headers are available at

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