Remember Jeni Saten and, which were reported on January 21st? We were able to get shut down, but this scam has been moved to a new site, She (he, most likely) is still using the e-mail addresses and The site is being hosted by Turnkey Internet and the email messages are beings sent from a server with IP address, which is owned by Staminus Communications.

If you’d like to help get this site shut down, then forward the messages you received from Jeni/Jenni/Jenn along with the message headers to and Instructions for finding email message headers are available at In your message, be sure to explain that is a known scam site. It might also help to provide links to these posts:

5 Responses to

  1. Bruno Von says:

    As of April 14 The site is still being used.

  2. Craigslists says:

    Thatsitetried to hitmefor160$ chargeluckymybackdeniedthis

  3. Craigslist Watcher says:

    He/she is now trying to use

    Just a heads up

  4. I received emails from this scammer, same pics different email address and this is in April of 2014, 3 years after you posted this wow!

  5. Christopher Baker says:

    i jUST found this site… I am new in town and decide I wanted some female company, long story short I have spent the past two days dealing with, trying to make sense out of this safedate and nsa crap.. I refused to give my bank info every time. I am retired military, I know a little about secure documents, and I understand you need to look out for your safety .. When the better and free sites I recommended went no where. red lights went up.. I am still stumped, what do they gain from this?

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