The Jeni Saten scam lives! It’s been moved to yet another server, Jennifer (also Jen, Jeni, Jenni, and Jenn) has new email addresses now:

Here are a couple of her messages.

hey there big guy, i hope your big in all the right places ;) was my ad enticing enough? haha. i post on that site because I just love random SAFE sex with strange guys, nothing gets me wetter, and my nipples harder! lol! I AM REAL! are you?! i hope your not a spammer. geez whats up with those people? always asking me if im a ‘bot’, what the hell is that? what positions r ur favorites? mine is doggy, and i just love getting my titties fondled.. and i hope you have a taste for fish haha! just kidding, im clean and disease free (and u defintely must be the same), you do give oral right? dont be lame -_- because i love sucking cock, and love gagging. and gettin jizzd on my face.. but sorry i dont swallow, ew. so when do you think we can meet up? most definetly not my place, and im not going to ur place.. so a hotel.. on you of course haha!.. bring some alcohol, it always adds to the fun! please dont ask for any personal info.. im here for discrete encounters.. i just have way too much energy rite now! gotta stop drinking them darn redbulls.. i hope i can use this energy in more productive/fun ways, ;) hehehe. anways, ive attached a few pix of me, im hot rite? rethorical question! i know i am ;p well, if you’re interested, reply back!


i had a feeling i’d hear from u again ;P i know, im hot.. but wtf is up with these losers who do not want to meet up and give me a good dicking? wtf?! i hope ur not afraid of a real woman, r u tough guy?! i figured the best way to do this without me giving u any of my info. i created a profile here: it wont let you access it if you’re a child under 18, and i wouldnt want an inexperienced kiddie tryin to sex me up.. and besides that, its considered rape! haha. i am 23 afterall, u r legal rite? prove it! anyways, once u log in, u’ll get my number (no its not my real #, and u wont be getting that!) but this number forwards to my celly. so just give me a call and lets do this! hope to talk to u soon, u have sexy voice amirite? i hope to find out! xoxo~

~me again!

The messages are being sent from a server with IP address, which is owned by Joe’s Data Center. To help get this scam shut down, send a complaint to Be sure to include a copy of the headers along with the message. You should also send a complaint to Mir Telematiki Ltd, a.k.a Hostkey, which is the ISP for Their address is

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  1. tony says:

    Is this person fake [Jennifer White ,] ?

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