has been shut down and all of the other sites that were associated with the fake hosting company

have been shut down. The ISP for these sites is Ecatel, a company that pretty much ignores complaints. They were shut down on February 8th, soon after the following message was sent to Ecatel.

By the way, it’s clear that the person who owns these sites is Christopher Lawell, the person who owned and, which were also on Ecatel servers. ( Let Mr. Lawell know that he should shut down his current scam sites if he wants to avoid further embarrasment.

Yes, these sites are owned by Chris Lawell a.k.a VegasChris, the man who sells the e-whoring chat bot Miyabot and who ran the scam sites and After he was informed that we knew he owned the sites, he shut them down himself. Ecatel did not suspend his account, because if that had happened, then the sites would still have been up but displaying a message saying that the account had been suspended.

For now we’re not going to publish the evidence that led us to the conclusion that Chris Lawell is the owner of these sites. We’re not interested in helping him become a better scammer, so if he wants to know how we discovered this information, he’ll have to figure that out for himself. Perhaps if he decides to stop remaining silent we’ll provide some details, but he’s obviously never going to do that since the last time he tried defending himself he gave a story which we showed to be false. He prefers to just remain silent and avoid embarrassing himself again.

3 Responses to has been shut down

  1. Tobias Meinecke says:

    I just think your exposure of this fraudster is amazing. Chris Lawell better get a real job. This is crazy.

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