The Jeni Saten scam has been moved to yet another server, The previous server that we reported that was being used for the scam, is no longer active. In addition, yet another email address is being used for the scam: is being hosted by If you’d like to help get this site shut down, then forward the messages you received from Jeni/Jenni/Jenn along with the message headers to Instructions for finding email message headers are available at In your message, be sure to explain that is a known scam site. It might also help to provide links to these posts:

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  1. acv says:

    thank it was useful

  2. D C says:

    Another email address for her:
    Another website she uses:

  3. Jack says:

    New name:
    Jen Sanchez ;

  4. Well,
    after reading much more on here all’s I can say is how grateful I am that there are people trying to combat these scams. I’m also much clearer on how some of the scams run. I’m just absolutely livid with people like this guy in Henderson, NV whose name I need not mention. If anyone wants to talk about devising some kind of class action lawsuit against these types of businesses please do not hesitate to drop me a line.

  5. chris says:

    Jen Sanchez

    she is operating under this name

  6. Jerry says:

    It is confirmed that the name is Jen Sanchez. This scam lures you into a “verification” process in which you submit a credit card to verify that you are safe to talk to this person online? More like giving them access to your account… and they will take money out immediately! There is also another site with a different name… Identical scam.

  7. JC says:

    Jen Sanchez ;
    Thats another scam here!

    • Mike B. says:

      What’s up with this chic? Good thing. I came across your forum/guys, she wants me to go through some background thingy tonite! Dang.. I can’t believe it, figures huh.

    • Mike B. says:

      Yep… Just received an email from her an hour ago,. literally. What was I thinking.. :'(

      • Captain Clark says:

        I just fumbled into a new one. The Posting said “Hoping to find someone Real” . The text of the ad read just like it was a normal girl looking to meet a guy. I responded and got a reply telling me I needed to go and get “verified” by . Of course they wanted all of my credit card info. And when I read the fine print, it was so convoluted taking about how I would be billed by all of these third party web-sites!!!
        I wrote her (or it? him? who knows?) back and told her I was onto the scam and had no interest. Then, 2 minutes ago, she wrote back and said

        “Omg. I cant believe you are making this so hard.

        Well, after emailing back and forth, I think i can trust you and im really
        putting our safety on the line for you in order to get things going between us.

        You can grab my contact info thru my profile;
        If you arent a member on that site yet, you just have to register, its DOES NOT need your credit
        card and other crap. So there is no reason why you will have anymore excuses…

        Just add me as a friend and you can see my MSN and number there. Text me first just so I know
        who you are.

        If you arent even willing to do that, then I really have nothing to say. I really think you have
        something to hide or simply not interested about this NSA at all.

        I am heading out shortly, give me a call ASAP and lets set this thing up!

        I look forward seeing you soon.

        – Christy

        These scammers are unbelievable!!

      • Mike B. says:

        Wow.. Thanks for the info., to me and all who might be reading this post.

  8. Mike B. says:

    Just wanna inform you all to watch out for a Sarah Benett, same scam different day.

    • j says:

      i got a message from sarah i knew it was too good to be true she was too fucking pretty and she wanted to fuck in a car LOL

      • Mike B. says:

        WHAT! Dang that’s a first, with this one. I can guarantee you that she wouldn’t be alone. There would be a guy or two watching to make sure everything would be legit or worse, they would try and fucking rob you, or me. A simular incident happened to me and my brothe at a dump of a bar. Long story short, Two hot chicks were trying to get us to go to a motel but my brother and I told them to get the hell away from us. Well from the booth behind us as we were at the bar came some pretty big ass bikers who were obviously with the bitches and a knife fight broke out and all n’ all, the two bikers were arrested and I ended up in the hospital with a slashed throat, 53 stiches. (Dumb Bitches.)

  9. Michael B. says:

    I’d love to hear peoples opinion(s) about this. I believe that ,on the San Francisco Bay Area Craig’s List personals anyways, that close to 98% of all W4M postings are scams. I’m being somewhat loose about 98%, because it might actually be closer to 99.9%. That is to say that close to 100% of women looking for men postings are fake. By fake, I mean that these postings are not written by any single women at all.

    I’m actually quite baffled, and am left wondering if there are perhaps NO women (single or otherwise) who use craig’s list as a way to meet men? I’m speaking from quite a bit of experience here. I used to use Craig’s List quite often when it was first put up like 10 or so years ago, for just about everything…cars, apts for rent, things for sale, and on occasion the personals to meet women. I’ve moved around this country quite a bit, and I would say that Craig’s List is quite different from town to town. None the less, I used to meet genuine, very cool, and sweet women all the time and I’m still friends with a number of them from years ago.
    That said, while I still use it to like, buy things for my computer etc…the personals sections seem to have been taken over by organized crime, or perhaps just sleazy, greedy individuals like this guy in Las Vegas who gave us the Jeni scam.

    I’m really surprised that at least one of our Law Enforcement agencies , like the FBI, hasn’t started some kind of probe into all of these dating sites too. I believe that the same tactics are employed on many of the different payed and free dating sites. Where the profiles are fake and it’s all geared towards getting the individual (usually the single men like us) to go and join (meaning pay) these bogus web-sights in order to become validated. And like all of them, the minute you give them your credit information, you become the cooked goose!!

    It must be that there’s large numbers of men out there who are lonely and looking for someone, because the money they get out of each individual is really chump change. I was once billed for $187.00 for a payed web-site that I didn’t sign up for. It was a hassel, but I got all of my money back. But that’s the largest sum I’ve ever seen them try to get out of an individual.

    The latest web-site that’s been spamming me endlessly ( I know I could end it any time I just like the pics ) is called XXXCupid, “Dating with an Edge!!” I started to make a profile for myself on the site, but changed my mind and never finished the profile. I’ve also never uploaded any photos to the site. So, with that in mind, I get at least 2 to 4 invites from different “women” every day. It comes as two emails. The first one will be “You’ve just received a private message from “StateOfGrace4U” , click here to read your message. When you click on it, it tells you that in order to read your private message you must pay and join up. The second email comes in right after the first one and will say “StateOfGrace4U has just sent you an invite to meet in person”. When you click on the “Click here to accept the invite” button you are taken to a page that says “Special No Risk Trial membership for $1.00″ for three days access to our site!!! ” It then asks for the usual credit card info. I’ll leave it at this, it was so tempting…even though I know it can’t be real…I mean you should see the pics of girls they have posted as examples of the women that are on the site…but I did NOT join up. And so every day I get at least 2 of these sets of emails. When I click on the email to open it, there’s a picture of the girl that wants to meet me…she’s really hot and I know that it’s fake…I’m just left wondering WHO is behind all of these internet companies??? And WHO are these girls????!!!

    I could go on for hours about this stuff, but I really want to hear from other guys what their experiences have been? It would seem that if we ,as a large group of men who have been negatively effected by this, were to become organized somehow…I’m sure that we could effect some kind of change in this situation. All feed back is very welcomed!!

    • Mike B. says:

      Hello Michael, I totally relate to your questions and answers but I can only touch on a few, I’m outside and its getting cold. Yeah, that Cupid site whether there’s more than one or not with similarities, was happening to me too, I finally texted there admin department to stop the spam. Also, the people behind these scams are scum lile any other criminal and you’re right hpw come no law enforcement agency is helping out those who get burned on there cc bill? Well, looks like those who have been had are probably too embarrassed to file charges, I don’t blame them actually. Back to the criminal thing again. Its like fishing, no matter how many times he presents the bait, there’ll be at least one bite and as for these scammers, one bite is probably sufficient enough for the day because I’m sure the following day or two they hit paydirt whether it’s with a credit card or worst, robbery. Yep, robbery would be very easy to do if ypu had the right little lying b***h and some thug preparing to pounce on you all because you’re a nice guy with a nice girl on a nice date and what could happen next just might effect me for the rest of my life.

    • Nice Guy says:

      Her new email is Jennifsanch@gmail sent from her iphone

      • Oh man still at it huh. She keeps throwing her line out here and somebody is going to bite. Why hasn’t she even changed her picture yet, just curious. Sad thing is she could probably make some real friends put there if she wasn’t so deceiving. Anyway. keeps us informed if you hear of anything new gentleman, bye for now.

  10. john says:

    I’ve had a few emails with Jennifsanch@gmail, different picture was used than the one above.
    The one I got was of an African American woman.

  11. JT says:

    Just received an email via Sandiego Craigslist from Jen Sanchez (Jen Sanchez . She is using the site for supposed verification.

  12. Ryan says:

    Got a reply from a Jen Sanchez. She wanted me go through a verification website that required credit card information ( Obviously it was a scam so I called this person out. Within three minutes I got an email from the and addressing me as the wrong person…whoever this scammer is he is human and not very good at what he does. If anyone knows of any way to bring legal action against this individual I would be more than happy to help out in any way that I can.

  13. Colt Comerford says:

    That little bitch. If she had only put this much effort into a respectable job, she.would.probably be doing a lot better in life

  14. knocks says: one to add and also if they both are not already here ?

  15. ben paiuk says:

    i was gotten by a jennifer sanchez and promised everything a guy could want and then some. cant believe i fell for the old trick of dont worry its free . fuck i shouldve known better when i was asked for a cc number. fuck guys all i can say is watch the hell out for this one . cause she does say everything thats writen online i found out the hard way by her breaking my back .dont get fuct like i did no reach around or lube job and i still didnt get off fuckin bitch …

  16. Jarvis Anderson says:

    fuck it

  17. Colt Comerford says:

    Dumb birch. This is actually becoming amusing.

  18. Dave says:

    Can I get paid for this? I’m out of work.

  19. Yes, they have tried to scam me using Lauren, Josi for sure. A possible couple other names come to mind but I can’t recall them. I refused to use my credit card thank goodness, but man, they were persistent. I posted the two names on various personals locations on Craig’s list stating it was a scam,but I don’t know if it helps.

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