Bumpdate.org, Greatdater.org, Prodater.org, Realtimedate.org

We’ve found some new dating verification scam sites very similar to the old site Livesafetoday.net which we got shut down.

The main site used for the scam is Greatdater.org. The other sites in the list just load the content from Greatdater.org in a frame. Once again, the scam here is that these are not real dating sites. They do not provide any dating service or verification service. There are no site members for you to meet. If you give these sites your credit card number to verify your identity, what will actually happen is that you will be signed up for porn sites.


The ISP for Greatdater.org is Pacnet. If you would like to help get this site shut down, then forward your e-mail with a complaint to abuse.hk@pacnet.com.

UPDATE 3/16/11
The site Dailydater.org is also being used for this scam. It is yet another site that loads pages from Greaterdater.org. And as of now, Prodater.org and Realtimedate.org are loading content from various other scam sites.

UPDATE 5/11/11
Realtimedate.org is now loading content from the site Nsadater.org, which was registered on 3/26/11. Bumpdate.org and Prodater.org are loading content from the scam site Facebookofsex.com.

UPDATE 5/31/11
Localnsa.org is another site loading content from Nsadater.org. It was just registered today. The ISP for Localnsa.org is Netelligent. If you’v received spam promoting this site and you’d like to help get it shut down, send a complaint to abuse@netelligent.ca. Also, send complaints to the ISPs that were used for sending you the messages. If you don’t know how to do this, then read our instructions on sending complaints to ISPs.

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