The site has been shut down, but the scammer has moved his operation to a new domain,

The ISP for is NetDirect, a German company. If you’d like to help get this site shut down, then forward the scam messages you received along with the message headers to Instructions for finding email message headers are available at In your message, be sure to explain that is a known scam site. It might also help to provide links to these posts:

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  1. jovan says:

    Also Diane

  2. clif alan says: is this another fake ? the ask for CC# to verify age, etc…

  3. Jake says:

    Yeah, a girl sent me an email with nudes claiming to be safe and what not so she said go to and I am not foolish enough to put in my CC info on there.

  4. Blah says:

    Natalie Beckley or Joie Slosser
    Just like Jake’s situation. She says she screens the person so go “here” to verify. Pfff. It looks pretty pretty pretty legit until you have to use your credit card to verify age.

    Craigslist is getting to be just pure SPAM central! It’s getting harder and harder to spot fakes. To protect yourself and time, make sure you are specific in a reply message. Maybe request responders include a picture of something or a certain headline or keyword.

    Also, check CHECK check!!! the IP address of the message. Then go to or something like that to see where that message was from. If it’s Europe or somewhere, it’s spam, obviously. If the IP from one message is the same as the IP from another messages but the emails names are different, it’s clearly spam too.

    Never give out any credit card info! You wouldn’t give that out to people you know so why give it to people you don’t?!

  5. Blah says:

    I’m posting that site again so anyone who’s Googling it up to check if it’s a legit site or spam will find it.

  6. arthur wang says:

    I also just received a hot guy’s message and asked me to verify as he got bad experienced before…what the hell!!! people need to go to jail for that

  7. poor lost soul says: this scammer is still at it, I copped it today. Broke my poor little heart… :P

  8. torres says:

    how do you cancel a membership that has been made through a scam site please help me im scared. and what the hell!?!?!

  9. Ransoms says:

    Just tried getting scammed on this one: – Annie Corrales

    The email the scammer used was

    AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Jason says:

    Yay! Annie want’s to bang me too! Using email:

    same URL:

    Of course I was going to google the stuff to see if it was a scam.

  11. Mike S-O says:

    i also get suspicious email from asking my CC info “just for her security”,
    But im not that much desperate !!!!

  12. Birdman says:

    Haha, Annie wants to bang me too!!
    Bit of a get around.
    Email was, and just to verify for her safety, I had to go to

  13. Narbeh says:

    I was contacted by a pretty little thing from craigslist and she asked me t join this site:

    Let me make it very clear: IS A SCAM!!!! please do not fall for it ppl… they take you CC info n destroy your life…

    unreal how evil some humans can be.

    good luck

  14. cruzor says:

    Ive just been got with this im such an idiot. should have seen it a mile off.

    This girl “Maureen Sipes” got back to my craigs list ad and sent me the link above. it took me to the sign up page i entered my debit card details then it gave me membership to discretehoneys. and a trial for which ive canceled…hopefully. im going to the bank tomorrow what do i need to take with me?

  15. cruzor says:

    This is the email she was using: this is the message she sent me:

    Hey there glad you responded. My name is Maureen btw :)
    The whole “meeting a stranger” online is pretty new to me.
    But Im basically just looking for some fun (no attachments) so I figure this is the way to go eh?
    Before we meet I do ask that you join a dating verification site that I belong to craigslist safe
    Not that I think youre a bad person but you can never be too safe these days right?
    If everything checks out I’ll call you or you can even call me. I’ll be on for the next couple hours.
    Id love to meet up tonight or tomorrow if possible so get back to me soon k? Bye

  16. Joe Thom says:

    Another one – Liz – Liz []
    She looked so awesome.. Almost feel for it..

  17. Ben says:

    Here, meet Rob: /

    It’s a damn shame he’s just a scam because he was sexy as hell haha

  18. Sean says:

    Totally free except for citycams subscription. None of the links work except the ones that pay them. Guessing scam again. It has a Craigslistsafe logo.

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