A new scam site has been found: That’s right, its, not The misspelling of “Craigslist” in the domain name is deliberate. This site looks just like the now defunct scam site, which we reported on March 14th. Like that old site, it uses your credit card information to sign you up for the porn site

The ISP for is Leapswitch Networks. If you’ve received a scam message for this site, send a complaint to them at, and also send a complaint to Include the headers of the message with your complaint. Also, send a complaint to the ISP that was used to send you the message. Read our instructions on sending complaints to ISPs for more information.

UPDATE 5/14/11
Ishan Talathi of Leapswitch has left a comment on this post informing us that Leapswitch has suspended the website and that the new ISP for it is Worldstream. Your complaints should now be sent to

6 Responses to

  1. Hello,
    We [] have already suspended the services of this website. They are now hosted with –
    Noord-holland – Amsterdam – Worldstream

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for the information Mr. Talathi, and for taking scam complaints seriously.

  3. Jon says:

    Just a 411, has a clone, Just register in May 2011.

  4. Lewis says:
    just got 2 emails,containing that link

  5. vibhor says:

    Another scam message:

    Oky To be completely honest.. I am just looking for a hookup / good time. I really dont have time for anything serious in my life right now, but who knows! So tell me a little bit about yourself? What do you want? What do you like sexually? Let me know and i will send you some more sexy pictures.

    ok just give me your number, i’ll call you!!! lol bit tipsy after third glass


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