Joanna Kerns (, another fake person created by the scammer that brought us, sends us this:

Hi! How r u?? I guess you liked my ad. And YES, I am a real person! I’m new to the area and looking to meet people and have some fun. I moved here because of work, so i’m a very busy girl pretty much all the time, except tonight! I really don’t have time to date and I’m not looking to get into a relationship right now. I’m not one of those drama girls and I hate games! I just absolutely love having sex..But since moving here I haven’t really met anyone and I dont get nearly as much sex as I want. I’m really into giving blowjobs and I love doggie! Whats your favorite posistion?? You better say doggie, lol..I insist on using condoms, no time for babies and definiatly don’t want any diseases. Also, in this day and age you can never be to careful, so I’m very careful with giving out my personal info. i hope you like my pics, talk to you soon babe!

We replied to her with a blank e-mail message and got this automated response:

Hey hun, thanks for actually being interested. i’ve stopped believing in “Mr right” but maybe you could prove me wrong? i’m hot, small, and everything you’d want in a woman. i’m successful on my own and not looking for anybody to pay my bills, just a good man to fill the lonely nights in my new condo i just got in the city. I didn’t want to put my pictures on craigslist because I didn’t want my pics all over the internet. so i sent them in the last email….I don’t use aff because there’s so many fake profiles, i only use casualrendezvous because i know they are a legit site. hopefully you’re already on there? they make everyone make a little profile but its cool cuz its free. i do it so only guys who are ACTUALLY interested in me get to see my good pics…i promise they are sexy. check me out here i have to weed out the guys who are just trying to waste my time so if i’m not worth getting more personal with then you’re not worth all i have to give.

i don’t know if you have Aim or Yahoo messenger, my sn on both is playfulhottie888. I honestly am hardly ever on so if you’re not lucky enough to catch me..I put my phone number in bold on my profile for you, please don’t give it to anyone.

Joanne aka playfulhottie

Here are “her” pics:

Again, is a scam site. It does not provide any sort of dating or verification service. If you were to sign up for it, all that would happen is that you would be signed up for porn sites. The scammer makes commissions from getting people to sign up for those porn sites.

Here is the registration information for the site. The company hosting it is PRQ. Send your complaints to

Domain name:

Registrant Contact:
Gottfrid Swartholm ()

Box 1206
Stockholm, SE 114 79

Administrative Contact:
Gottfrid Swartholm (
Box 1206
Stockholm, SE 114 79

3 Responses to

  1. Michael B. says:

    Just went through a very similar experience with a posting I answered on Craig’s List in W4M. I was totally suckered into it too. The posting seem so genuine I thought I’d take a chance, especially the way it was written and the headline actually said “Looking for Someone real “. I got a response really quickly, but it seemed to be OK. Here’s the response;

    Saturday, May 5, 2012 1:01 PM
    Wow looks like I finally got a real response to my ad…. sup? You are real right?

    I like your pic, which is a relief since I got some pretty nasty ones and tons of spam.
    So hopefully your legit I am attaching a picture of me from about I dunno 2 months ago?

    I still look the same haven’t put on weight or anything haha.

    Hey if you wanna get together for a drink or something. I am just getting over a breakup
    and I need some serious stress relief if you know what I mean lol….I am not a slut though
    and will not just go sleep around with anyone.

    So far I like what I see here with you…not just saying that either I got like 80 replies.
    I guess the first thing is do you like my pic?

    Then it went like this in the next response;

    To be honest with you I’m feeling both excited and a bit worried at
    the same time….I’ve had a bad experience meeting someone online
    about a year ago…met the wrong guy basically.

    I’m willing to give this a shot with you…I’m in the mood for a sexy time
    just have to use my brain this time. Know what I mean?

    Lets find something to do! I really hope to get things going. I guess the
    best way to make plans is to give me a call sometime today so we can at
    least hear each other voices on the phone.

    You can find my cell on, so get hold of if
    you are serious in meeting me.

    I signed up and became verified last week, it was quick and easy.
    Its totally free (otherwise I wouldnt have sign up myself) and I think that
    it is the best way to ensure that both of us are adults. I am not interested
    meeting kids.

    I know you’ve already talked about yourself a little bit, but i cant trust all
    of it because thats what happened last time when I met this 15 years old online.

    I totally freaked out. I hope you arent him. There are just too many things
    happening online these day so I just need to be very careful while looking for
    fun as well. I hope you understand.

    I took more pics for you… I hope you like them. Please dont show it to
    anyone, keep it to yourself

    Text or call me after. I hope to see you soon.

    – Christy

    I responded (actually believing that there was some kind of real person that was responding to me!) but when I got the reply, which came in just a few minutes, I quickly realized it was some kind of bot because not one time was there any mention of anything I said, in all of the responses I wrote to (Her? It?). I simply wrote, sure I’d love to meet you for a drink. Here’s the reply;

    Saturday, May 5, 2012 4:28 PM
    Hey.. well, I am very sorry but I prefer not to connect with anyone who isnt verified.
    The verification is just for my safety and yours and proves to you I am real since many think otherwisee

    As I said, I had bad experiences b4 on cl with a crazy guy and one time some 15 year old tried to hit me up….
    i am just so sorry, I really cant risk it and its free, dont be such a cheapskate. Dont make this hard,
    its suppose to be fun and easy. We should be meeting up by now already if you are verified.

    I already took the first step and joined myself, do you wanna meet or not?

    – Christy :(

    My reply to this was pretty angry, since it was obviously a scam. To my surprise, again in just a few minutes, I got what was to be the last reply since I just stopped writing, but here’s my angry reply first just to show how the responses I kept getting had nothing to do with what ever I wrote;

    Saturday, May 5, 2012, 7:56:47 PM, you wrote:

    > Hello,I’m curious as to who you work for? The ironic part of all of
    > this is that YOU were the one to post an ad on Craig’s List looking
    > for “someone real” , when in fact you are not who you say you are. I
    > looked up this SafeSecureDating site and quickly realized it’s a
    > scam to get suckers to give their credit card info over to them. You
    > then get billed for a number of different services, none of which
    > anyone would want. And there is NO refund. Pity the fool who gives
    > out that info. My favorite part of your response is that you try to
    > bait me with “I already took the first step and joined myself, do
    > you wanna meet or not?” and my real favorite “its free, dont be such
    > a cheapskate” . That last line is what makes me think you work for
    > these people. I’ve already reported you to Craig’s List. Scammers
    The response;

    Omg. I cant believe you are making this so hard.

    Well, after emailing back and forth, I think i can trust you and im really
    putting our safety on the line for you in order to get things going between us.

    You can grab my contact info thru my profile;
    If you arent a member on that site yet, you just have to register, its DOES NOT need your credit
    card and other crap. So there is no reason why you will have anymore excuses…

    Just add me as a friend and you can see my MSN and number there. Text me first just so I know
    who you are.

    If you arent even willing to do that, then I really have nothing to say. I really think you have
    something to hide or simply not interested about this NSA at all.

    I am heading out shortly, give me a call ASAP and lets set this thing up!

    I look forward seeing you soon.

    – Christy

    I did check out and all’s I can say is it’s a scam beyond anything I’ve ever seen. Just try and read the “Terms of Use”. It reminds me of those ads on TV for pharmaceuticals when they start to rapidly read off the “side” effects….like it may cause internal bleeding which can and has led to death. RudeFinders Terms of use goes something like this: The site is free to join, but we will then sell your info to several third party businesses who will then bill you for services rendered. We also do not claim that any of the profiles on our site are real people, or that you will meet anyone as a result of joining. Even though the headline on their website promises you WILL get laid in 60 days or less, or your money back. Of course when I went to read what exactly were the terms of getting this refund, I quickly saw that no one could possibly follow all the rules to get said refund. Anyways, enough of me ranting!! I just wanted to share this info in the hopes that it might help people to understand what these “Ads” or “Postings” on Craig’s List are really all about.

    So this was something new for me, being that when
    I refused to “sign up” for the first scam site, there was an attempt to send me to a second one. I wish there was some kind of Consumer protection agency that we could go to to stop this growing industry? Any suggestions?
    Thanks for reading!

  2. aj says:

    yes,im tired of all the f****n scams.You cant tell the real ones from the fake ones.i keep answering woman in the w4m posts and keep sending my pics of my self to whoever gets them and the response i get back is the same bullshit that every one gets, sing on to (safe sight or casual rendevous) and fill out the info and the girls will contact you.its bullshit i havent sing on to any of those but this shit has to stop.i keep thinking that they have someone fulltime flaging the real woman who wants hook up with other people.

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