The people behind and are sending out fraudulent email messages asking people to visit Right now, seems to be used just to redirect people to a supposedly real dating site that is notorious for having fake profiles, Messages with links to the site are being sent out by the same scammers that sends links to, which we reported on January 22nd.

A couple weeks ago a message was sent to us from Mallory Fouhy that used the same pictures used for Roxane a.k.a. Julianne Blackstad.

Hey You.

Sounds great. Either my apartment or your place works for me.
We can have an excellent time then go our separate ways. If we click, I wouldn’t mind hooking up once more. I signed up to a dating internet site that I find actually works and we can stay in contact on it. it’s essentially so we really feel safer about hooking up. Its 100% free of charge and we can stay in contact significantly less complicated and exchange much more pictures tonight if you’re interested in me. Once you sign up, my cellnumber is on my profile. Please call or text me so we can do this tonight. My username is sexy_bunny9.

ttyl :)

Sent from my iPhone

Now we’ve received another message from her asking us to visit

Hello I still haven’t heard from you on the other website. I’m still searching for a hookup as your the only one who interests me. But I still need to be secure about it. Can we please attempt this site instead?
I’ve never done this on line thing before so I don’t know what works and what doesnt. I’ll be waiting for you in the chat.

Hope to hear from you soon.