Renniel Fernandez Proven Guilty

Since at least autumn of 2009, someone has been running a scam in the casual encounters section of Craigslist where he pretends to be a girl who will meet up with a man if the man first buys an essay for her online. The scammer owns the essay website himself and he steals the man’s money. This scam was reported on the anti-fraud site back on March 31st, 2010.

A bit of work went into investigating this scam, and on May 21st, 2010, a post was made on that presented evidence that showed that it was very, very likely that the scammer was Renniel Fernandez of Jersey City. Renniel claimed to not know anything about the scam and it continued to be run on Craigslist.

Some more evidence was gathered in December and, after being provoked, Renniel posted on to profess his innocence. On December 25th, a post was made on a blog about Renniel’s scam that for some people demonstrated beyond a reasonable doubt that he was guilty. But Renniel still claimed to be innocent and tried to explain away the new evidence. (See the comments to the post on December 25th.)

But now, evidence has been collected that Renniel cannot explain away at all. A trap was set up for him and he fell right into it. Read about how Renniel was proven beyond a reasonable doubt to be the scammer:

Checkmate, Renniel