Kayla b.

“Kayla b.” sends messages like this:

Hi there.

Thanks for your reply, I want to tell you a little about myself now, My name is kayla, I am GENUINE european girl, half german-half czech. I am very open minded and consider myself attractive… I drink socially, I do not smoke..trying to keep fit. When it comes to “these” things I am allways up for fun and trying new things. I am not a slut and I rarely go on craigslist, I just looking for some fun, I wanna hear some more about you and pics.

Let me know if your still interested

The email addresses she uses are superjj86@gmail.com, superjj75@gmail.com, and similar ones. The picture she includes is this one, which is a closeup of one of the same pictures used by “Roxane”.

If you reply to this message, she sends you another one like this:

I am interested in something thats long term, NSA. I kinda want to keep this discreet – my ex-boyfriend is kinda a psycho ever since we broke up. haha.. 3.5 year relationship. Anyways.. I don’t know if I told you or not yet, I have a daughter who is 22 months old, but she will always be sleeping by the time you come over…

This is my first time doing this kinda thing online – so Im kinda iffy about it.

I dont use any messengers – only one that I use at work…

i was hoping we could stay in contact from a free site if your interested in making it long term…. my profile is at http://tracking.singlesnet.com/redirect/8400?sid= …. my profile name on there is “sexcbebe5964” I have my cell phone number on there – if you want to send me a text and we could get together tonight or tomorrow night – that would be great…. im signing off the computer now though, hope to hear from you.

When you receive messages like this, you should never click on the link. Even if the website you get taken to is safe to browse, there is the possibility that the person who sent you the message is making money from the clicks and we don’t want that scammer to stay in business.

Update 1/24/11
The address michsanch@gmail.com is also being used to send these messages.

Update 1/29/11
The site greatlocalnsa.com is also being used for this scam. It’s supposedly part of the “Safe Dating Network”.

Update 2/1/11
We would like to clarify exactly what sort of scam this is. Some people were under the impression that there is an actual woman here who is engaged in a romance scam, that this woman wants to get close to you in order to get your money. That is not what this is at all. There is no real women behind these messages. They are sent out by an email autoresponder. The person who has this operation set up is trying to make money by directing traffic to dating sites. He has affiliate marketing accounts with these sites and he gets paid for each person who signs up, or perhaps for each person who visits the site. These sites themselves might be legitimate, but what this affiliate is doing is fraudulent since Kayla doesn’t exist.