has been shut down

Complaints were sent to Turnkey Internet about and they have shut the site down. A complaint was also sent to Staminus Communications about the account that was used for sending the fraudulent email messages from Jeni Saten and they said they are asking their customer to take action.

Thank you for your report.

We have forwarded your report to our downstream customer for review and action.

We have also assisted you by reporting the domain to as a possible copyright/trademark infringement so that they can confiscate the domain and shut down the fraud.

Best Regards,

John Blazek
Abuse Department
Staminus Communications
Office: 949-202-5305
Dedicated Server Hosting Solutions

Thank you Turnkey and Staminus for your quick response to these complaints and for taking fraud seriously.

Remember Jeni Saten and, which were reported on January 21st? We were able to get shut down, but this scam has been moved to a new site, She (he, most likely) is still using the e-mail addresses and The site is being hosted by Turnkey Internet and the email messages are beings sent from a server with IP address, which is owned by Staminus Communications.

If you’d like to help get this site shut down, then forward the messages you received from Jeni/Jenni/Jenn along with the message headers to and Instructions for finding email message headers are available at In your message, be sure to explain that is a known scam site. It might also help to provide links to these posts: