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Redirect Sites

Sometimes the link in an email message points to a redirect site. The redirect site will automatically send you to a scam site or perhaps an actual dating site that the sender is promoting in order to receive commissions. This is a list of known redirect sites.

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  1. D1 says:

    Hi and a question: lets say that one follows the link…and a page shows-up black but says the loading is done. Have they acquired ones’ handle & IP-address? If so, are they doing nefarious with the info?
    Thanks, D1

    • Anonymous says:

      D1, Unless you are using a proxy server, any site that you visit on the internet sees your IP address. After you’ve clicked on the link, if you receive any data at all back from the site linked to, then you know that it has received your request for data, and that request includes your IP address. The request also sends other information like what type of browser your are using and what language your browser uses.

      However, the site owners do not see your handle, if by handle you mean the screen name you use for some website. It is also very unlikely that they are doing anything nefarious with your IP address. It is also unlikely that they could use it to identify you in anyway, especially if you connected from your home computer using an ISP like Comcast. If you connected to the site from your work computer, then it might be possible for them to determine your work location from your IP address. For instance, suppose they get a request from the computer with IP Well, you can go to and look up this IP address, and you’ll see that it’s owned by the City of New York. Hence, they could determine that you are an employee of the City of New York, and if they saw from their server logs that you were trying to hack their site, they could then send a complaint to your employer which could lead to trouble for you.

      But in general you have nothing to worry about, and you can consider yourself to be anonymous. These sites aren’t interested in using your IP address to figure out who you are, they just want to get you to sign up for a dating site or a fake dating site or some porn site.

    • eric moreno says:

      What about chatterscash

      • Michael says:

        Is “My Verified Profile” a scam? They ask for a cc and say they charge nothing. Ok but is my verified profile real? Do they take your credit card info and charge even though they say it’s free?

    • is a scam she really is patricia jones also know as she took me for over$10,000. though paypal i have filed on her and turn her into the main office of paypal in san jose ,ca she needs to go to the federal prison and stay there so any one eslse needs to file on her to her buddies are DONELL ALLEN of ok,ok and LESlie HALL of UK they have ceen red flaged by western union and money gram

      • daveturner says:

        Not the sharpest tool in the ol shed ,paypal? $10.000? I would’ve blown u for that

    • daniel c says:

      what about good or bad? thx

      • Mr. Jones says:

        Im assuming all sites that start with nsa are scams. I was scammed on

  2. GARRY says:


    • Anonymous says:

      We haven’t come across before so we don’t know what is going to happen. You should monitor your account and dispute any charges that you did not authorize.

    • Frank says:

      After looking at the site, I can you tell you this. It’s free, but has a membership upgrade that requires payment. If you upgrade, you will be charged. If you don’t, you won’t be. There is no scam there. You pay for a service if you order it. Simple.

      • Fudgie says:

        It’s not “simple” and “straightforward”, like “Frank” would like to have us believe. The fact is ALL of these scam sites operate the same way:

        1) Claim the site is “free” and the credit card info. will only be used for age verification purposes.

        2) Once the card data is processed, the “free” site attempts to charge a $1.00 processing fee (even though previously no statement of a charge to follow was given). Honestly I think the only reason they do this is to see if the card is active before they proceed to, within minutes and WITHOUT additional authorization to charge the card, process subsequent charges. In the last one’s case, two concurrent charges both for around $40 each, within a single minute.

        How’s that for supposedly “free” service?

        Anyone that claims these sites are anything but a scam is either a complete moron, or part of the scam themself.


      • Mark says:

        Yes I fully agreee this has scam written all over it. Generally you contact a girl on CL if you get a response it generally wont be from a gmail or yahoo acoount, but from an account at a dating site. You will get a few pics and then she will ask you to go to a sex offender/verify site telling you that it is free. Its not, they argue that they have to charge you a dollar for a processing fee. Before you give out any credit card numbers read the disclosure statements. I encountered one that claimed that the actual site didn’t charge at all, but if there was a charge it was from a third party administrator not affiliated with the site. If your running any kind of legitimate business you would know the identities of the other parties. Just another way to use craigslist as a scamming tool.

      • D says: as well

    • yes they will you need to cancel it right now !!!!! they are thefts that is fraud it is a 2 nd degree fenolny pls dont wait cancel ur card now and get a new one

    • Announcement 2 says:

      I had one said it was free and tried charging my account for 40.00, it was declined by I guess a company that catches fraud, but then they charged my account 9.99 and didn’t tell me. Any verification deal is a scam.

  3. Bobb Dogg says:

    I replied to a CL ad, and got some hotties photos n wanting to hookup once I put my credit card ##s into a ‘verified CL safe’ site [], to be bill $0.00 just to make sure I am 21.

    This has happened to me before. And its embarrassing to explain to your female financial advisor about this type of fraud on your account – but hey, she told me I’m not alone – her husband was similarly had his identity and bank info stolen in just the same manner.

    Nothing is free, even age verification for the wolves in sheeps clothing trolling dating sites.

  4. I am not exactly sure if this is a scam site [], but it definitely seems to fit the mold. I heard of this site from an email from an Amanda Story.

    • J Miller says:

      I also received an email from an “Amanda Story” who contacted me via Craigslist. I responded to an ad for a dog crate that I was interested in buying and I get an email back from this Amanda Story talking about that she’s looking for some hot guys to have no strings attached sex with. I’m definitely no hot guy, I’m female. I emailed the person back saying that I’m just interested in the dog crate. I got an email back almost right away with pictures of some woman and a message saying to go to to get her phone number so that I can call her and hook up with her for sex. Obviously the email I sent back about the dog crate was not read so it seems like the email that was sent back to me was sent automatically.

      It’s definitely some sort of scam. I would recommend that nobody actually visits this site. It’s more likely a virus or some sort of phishing expedition trying to get person information.

      Here are the messages I got:

      1st message:
      Hey whats happening?
      Haha yeah, Im a real person duh! I just wanted to say this now and say that I’m not really looking for any kind of commitments. Just some hot sex with a decent guy. I attached a pic. I hope you like what you see. I don’t really want to tell a whole lot about myself until I get to know you a bit more. Tell me a few things about yourself…

      2nd message:
      Hey again!
      Want to talk or text? This email thing is getting old. If you want hun, you can verify you are not a sex offender creep or anything at and give me a call. Sorry it’s the only way I’ll meet someone from offline. After the craigslist killer thing happened I don’t take any chances. I’ve also uploaded some more pics in my profile. My cell is listed below the pic in my profile if you verify. I don’t give out my house phone. I’m free all night if you want to meet up. I havent had any decent sex in a while. Please don’t respond being all mean or rude about it. I hope to hear from you! If not, good luck!

      xoxo Amanda!!

  5. Joe buck says:

    You have all this information yet it is still going on and I am PISSED. I would be glad to help you catch these POS but I really dont believe that you are really trying. II would be really funny if I am able some how to
    track some these turds down. I would shout it out from every media mountain top. If I were to catch them I think the gators in Florida would have thanksgiiving early. As everyone knows ya cant get DNA out of their butts I truely beleive that with all over your techs and equipment you should have done something by now. You are not trying and maybe some of the news media should hear this story asking the big question WHY

  6. jo says:

    Hey I was curious, is date guard a spam site too?

  7. jo says:

    Sorry I meant safe-guard .com a scam?

    • Anonymous says:

      You mean, the site for the dewormer product? The site looks legitimate. Here is the whois information for it:

      Merck Sharp and Dohme Corp
      Merck Sharp and Dohme Corp
      One Merck Drive
      Whitehouse Station NJ 08889
      US +1.9084236903 Fax: +1.9087351399

      Domain Name:

      Registrar Name:
      Registrar Whois:
      Registrar Homepage:

      Administrative Contact:
      Linda Rauch
      Merck and Co., Inc.
      One Merck Drive
      Whitehouse Station NJ 08889
      US +1.9084236903 Fax: +1.9087351399
      Technical Contact, Zone Contact:
      Global Network Management Center (GNMC)
      AT&T DNS Services, Inc.
      1111 Woodsmill Dr.
      Town and Country MO 63017
      rm-hostmaster@EMS.ATT.COM +1.6365195708 Fax: +1.6365195573

      Created on…………..: 1996-03-13.
      Expires on…………..: 2012-03-14.
      Record last updated on..: 2011-03-23.

  8. This site [] is very fraud and I fell for it…Can I please get help on how to cancel my personal credit card information? For future net users…if the site doesn’t offer paypal option, do not voluntarily give out your information; do your homework first!

    • Anonymous says:

      Robert contact your credit card company and explain the situation to them. If you’re interested in seeing these scammers prosecuted, file complaints with your local authorities and the FBI. Also, be sure to send complaints to the ISPs used by the scammer. See here:

      If you need assistance with that, let us know.

    • renee lewis says:

      robert same thing happened with us by the same site luckily my credit card company caught it right away and called me. my card was cancelled and a fraud report was filed thru my credit card company.

  9. I also wil be reporting flingsafe to the BBB-Better Business Bureau

  10. Peter says:

    add to the list of craigslist-led scams.

    once again, that’s

    • Anonymous says:

      Peter, could you post a copy of the scam message you received? Please include the message headers (with you personal information removed) and a copy of the Craigslist ad if you can. Thanks.

      • dan says:

        This posting lead me to a message that eventually lead to

        lookin for you – w4m – 23 (Victoria)

        PostingID: 2544448501

        Here are the messages sent, all under name “Abby Fulton”


        <<<<Hey Hows it going,
        Firstly, I'd like to keep this discrete and I'm looking for soemthing that's longer term. My ex boyfriend is a complete psycho ever since we broke up, Lol. 2.5 yr relationship. I cant remember if I told you yet or not, but I have a kid whos 15 months old. She will always be sleeping by the time you come over. This is my first time meeting someone from on line, so I'm not totally sure about it. I don't have any messengers as I'm not on the comp much. I was thinking we should in touch from a free dating site, my profile is at here(here…which leads to
        I have my cell number on my profile, my profile is sexybunny9, so send me a txt or call me and we can get together tonight or tomorrow. I’m logging off the comp now, talk with you soon :).



        With some research:
        It shows the same messages.

      • Matthew says:

        Hi, first I want to thank you for this site. It was very informative and made me feel less stupid for falling for such an obvious trick.

        This is the message I got that eventually led me to: FoxyDaters and roughly $200 worth of charges to my card that I had to dispute and cancel.

        P.S. I’m a tad paranoid but should I be concerned about anything else happening to me? Thanks again!

        How are ya?! Thanks for writing me. Basically my ad said it all ;) But, basically, I like to have a lot of random, but safe, fun. I’m basically looking for some hookup type thing..Nothing serious…just fun. I work alot, so i really don’t have time for anything more. I moved here from a small town in NH a few weeks ago, so I don’t know many people or boys. I know the usual things boys ask so NO I’m not fake or a bot or a cam site and YES I am real, local, and very very horny, I have big tits and I like getting my pussy eaten and anal. I love sucking guys off and my favorite position is doggie. How about you? What do you like to do? I’m pretty much down for whatever as long as you are safe. I have papers showing I’m disease free and I insist on being safe. I take a lot of safety precautions especially with my private information. I sent a few pics with this email..let me know if u got it or not and what u think. THANKS.


      • Anonymous says:

        As far as we know, the charges to your credit card are all that you have to worry about. We haven’t heard of this site’s owners doing anything other than trying to sign you up for services that you don’t want.

    • Alan says:

      I agree just got scammed by them too

    • John says:

      Update – Somebody just tried this on me. Unsuccessfully I might add. Seems they have gotten clever as they attached a picture of “the person” holding a sign with my name on it in what appears to be hand writing. As good as it looks, it doesn’t take a genius to know how easy that is to do with any old image editor. The message they sent is contained below. I second the motion to add to this list!

      to be honest with you Im feeling both excited and a bit worried at the very same time….I’ve had a poor encounter meeting somebody online about a year ago…met the wrong guy basically.

      I’m prepared to give this a shot with you…I’m in the mood to have a sexy time just have to use my brain this time. Know what I mean?

      I use a totally free service now on foxydaters that is sort of like yahoo chat it verifies age and scans the sex offenders database before allowing somebody to join. I believe it costs a dollar to run the verification and this provides you access to my profile and their entire dating site. My cell number is on the profile so if you come up as safe you’ll be able to give me a call when your inside.

      I know I sound sort of paranoid but if you do this verification for me that foxydaters offers I’ll know you’re real and safe to meetup with…I only work part-time so i’m around alot. I have absolutely nothing to gain by asking you this except it’s going to make me really feel safe, if you were a lady who has been through what I have you’d know the feeling. If you have a webcam we are able to video chat as well as they have that inside, but really I just wanna make sure you pass the checks. If you want I will get topless on my cam for you during our chat as a welcome gift. Would that make you feel welcome? lol. I’ve been told I have very nice boobs….if that means anything.

      • Bri says:

        @john… I just got the exact same message, word for word, right down to the picture. I was fairly certain its a scam and didn’t reply, but came here instead to find out more about that site.

      • Roland says:

        Hi i was contacted by a person by the nane Nicole and Jennifer these to people use the same pictures abd same script and they both take you to and age verification site which leads to Please people do not fall for their ads they are not real. Because i got the same messages

  11. mylongname says:

    it looks like u already have on here, but i just wanted to explain my experience with them. i signed up for a website that had absolutely nothing to do with online dating, and within 10 minutes, i got an email from citysex telling me that i had successfuly registered for their site. at that moment i halfway freaked, because the password i had created for the other website happened to be my new password for this dating site. they nabbed my city, state, name, IP address, and email. when i logged in by accident i immediately started getting instant msgs from ppl in my city. i got 20 different msgs in less than 5 min. a few of them said they even recognized my name, because citysex made my personal name my username, so everyone could see it. i was pissed. i immediately sent them an email in not so nice words to cancel my account immediately, and if they did not i was going to complain to other ppl and the whole internet to never visit this website. within 5 hours i got an email stating that they had canceled my account. which they did….i tried logging into citysex and it didnt work. the original website that brought me there ALSO WANTED MY CREDIT CARD NUMBER, but i didnt give that to them. who knows the horrors that citysex wouldve done with it. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DO BUSINESS, SIGN UP, OR GIVE ANY OTHER PERSONAL INFORMATION IN ANY OTHER MANNER TO CITYSEX.COM.

    • rick says:

      hmm well this answers my question below.. the same thing happened to me with citysex. i was making a account with a visa gift card (smart way for online purchases) and i guess wicked automatically signed me up for citysex. so i said fuck it why not and used my gift card again on their site but it declined my card!

  12. AJ says:

    has anyone seen this web address before?

  13. Sd says:

    I am glad I found this place flingsafe almost got me but something told me not to give them anyinfo until I checked them out I recommend that to everyone it just sucks cause if all you want is fun you can’t tell who is real and full of it it’s annoying

    • Andrew says:

      For sure man, almost fell into that trap too. Asking for the credit card number and not charging me anything was a huge red flag.

  14. eric says: probably another scam site. check it. i didnt click it. check it. im trying to help ;-)

  15. Ralph says:

    there a new site now that pays you to read and’s Is it a scam also?

  16. dumb dumb dumb says: i registered, like a moron. they just ask email, birthdate zipcode. am i really in danger of anything?

    • Anonymous says:

      As long as you didn’t give them a credit card number, you’re probably fine. Most likely, you’ll just end up receiving a lot of spam.

  17. dumb dumb dumb says:

    thank you very much for a little peace of mind. way easier to just die alone… or go to a bar…

  18. WALTER TODD says:

    walter in scotland, keep up the good work. i NEVER give out bank details, as soon as a ”free” site mentions upgrade or similar, i log off, im new to using tyhe net and computer but learned fast NO BANK DETAILS

  19. dorostritw says:

    I got respond from CL with nice comment, when I responded to the first email I get email with picture that have personal not (my name written on piece hold by the girl in seductive pose – very clever) and link to that get you to CraigSecure web side. I search the picture from email on and I get the same picture just with different note. So the note is photo shop. This is definitely more sophisticated approach to entice the victim.

    The so called secure checking are fraud on large scale.

  20. j says:

    This one didnt originate from CL. But its there through other sites.

  21. rick says:

    has anyone had any encounters with i always buy visa gift cards to use for online purchases but the site wouldnt accept it which led me to seek out the integrity of the site. my visa gift card works, i used it for and it was fine.


  22. Anwar says:

    I believe is also a scam.

  23. Josh says:

    Is a scam site? I don’t recall seeing it on your list but might have missed it. I’ve read elsewhere that it was.

  24. victor says:

    hie guys, anyone knows whether citysex is genuine or a scam because when you sign up they tell u it’s for free but you cant even send a single message without upgrading to ‘GOLD’.they then ask for your credit card details to upgrade….i gave my credit number but failed to locate the i gave a false one…so the upgrade failed and reported ”error on CVV#2,correct to continue”…………my worry is”could i possibly be in trouble when they only got the visa card number but not the CVV2#?

  25. victor says:

    hie guys, anyone knows whether citysex is genuine or a scam because when you sign up they tell u it’s for free but you cant even send a single message without upgrading to ‘GOLD’.they then ask for your credit card details to upgrade….i gave my credit number but failed to locate the i gave a false one…so the upgrade failed and reported ”error on CVV#2,correct to continue”…………my worry is”could i possibly be in trouble when they only got the visa card number but not the CVV2#?

  26. Joseph says:

    Are these sites legit?
    Girl on CL messaged me to verify here and she would give me her number, she provided pics in 2 emails and on the 3rd email responded to my concern to an extent on the legitimacy of the site.

    so she seems real, however bots can be clever and

    • Anonymous says:

      They’re both scam sites. These are not actual dating sites, just fakes used to get your credit car number. If you sign up for these “free” sites that ask for your credit card number, you will find that subscriptions to porn sites have been charged to your card.

  27. Ron Davis says:

    Filled out form and was charged on cc and supposedly made a member in fling. All a scam I think. I got took. Is there a history of Moore charged put on cc

  28. hey guys…anyone know the story about i got an invite to go there but i wanted to check first to see if it is legit or a scam…

    great site btw…

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s a scam, don’t bother with it because it will just sign you up for porn sites. That’s all that it actually does.

  29. Jeremy says:

    I relieved an email from a woman an it had a picture attached to it. The strange part is the photo had a note next to the woman asking if I was horny and using my name on the note. I obviously didn’t give out my information but the link is to secure dates through craigslist.

  30. rob says:

    I need to cancel and remove my personal info. I didnt know it was a fraud site.

    • Anonymous says:

      Contact the issuer of the card you used to sign up for Flingsafe and dispute any charges that site makes to your card.

  31. boomer says:

    are there any real sites out there anyone here knows about? had a scam bot almost get me with from cl

  32. dj says:

    Is a scam?

    • Anonymous says:

      Sorry, but we haven’t come across it before so we don’t have any information for you. If you can’t find any unbiased, positive reviews of it, then you should probably avoid it.

  33. webflo says:

    I hope I posted this in the right spot but thanks for your info. Yeah I’m not about to put my card into the site. What about adult friend finder that seems legit

    • Anonymous says:

      We don’t know about Adult Friend Finder, but we’ve never found any scams associated with it. You should do some more research on it before you decide to use it.

      • phill says:

        Adult Friend Finder is a legitimate dating/hookup site, however there are lots of scammers and fakes on the site. More and more fakers send people to that site, get them to sign up only to find a phoney. I was an actual paying member there as a real person and did meet women in my area for discreet hook-ups. The free membership doesn’t allow you to contact anyone, but the billing is above board and when i canceled, they were good about canceling without a hassle. It is highly rated as a place for meeting real life sex partners, but ya have to be careful and learn to screen the contacts, especially when these insanely hot looking “women” want to meet.

  34. Emanuel says:

    I have a add in the casual encounters are geared twords meeting women, but so far 1 girl has been a true reply but the rest just send links like these- hoped I helped a little.

  35. Jay says:

    I fell for the one and I ended up contacting a manager of the system who said he had cancelled my account and my login would expire after the trial membership was over (3 days). Is this a trick too? Should I just report fraud and deactivate my card?

    • Anonymous says:

      We don’t know much about Foxydaters so we can’t say what they’re going to do. In any case, it would be a good idea for you to contact the issuer of your card and let them know what’s going on.

  36. gent says:

    I found that they get all their photos from the site.

    if you type any number after
    it’ll lead to a amateur, self-taken photo of a girl.

  37. gent says:

    I found that they get all their photos from the site.

    if you type any number after “”
    it’ll lead to a amateur, self-taken photo of a girl.

  38. Keith says:

    Didn’t see this site on your list, but wanted to make sure, please let me know.

  39. dreamwc says:

  40. Stephen Anderson says:

    Has anyone come across I have tried to find some info on them but I can not. I searched them on google but nothing. I went to the sight and it looks just like the others. But I do not know if its a scam or not. Please let me know.

  41. alwaysaware says:

    I totally got the bastards!!! They tell you in order to meet these women on craigslisit you must verify that your not a sex offender,no charge. So they want your credit card info, but the shady part is they want your 3 digit code(which is only needed for charges) I purchased a prepaid debit card with $10 on it. I gave them my card info and it said my application could not process. They are jerks!

  42. budd says:

    It seems clear to me, that any site that pays affiliate fees (or commissions) out to any party in exchange for bringing customers to their site is involved in criminal activity in so far as they fail to abide by the guidelines that were recently updated by the Federal Trade Commission.

    The sites and the affiliates are required to disclose to the prospective customers the amount(s) and numbers of compensation(s) that have occurred…. or they must clearly state that what they are approaching you with is a form of advertising. (I believe, or both). Here is the thing (and the problem here)… I guess that it is within reason that any girl (or guy for that matter) could legitimately wind up in a situation where they have directed 4 or 5 guys to some dating “verification” site that they like… and as things go with sex and relationships and men and women, etc. a girl might like you one day and then not the next day, or visa versa…. and there really is no way to prove that the girl is a scammer… she could just be an air headed bimbo that doesn’t know what she wants.

    This is why the disclosure rules exist… If the customer can see for themselves that a particular individual has received 100’s of commissions from a site, then it is pretty obvious that this person is an affiliate (a pro who is in it for the money and not really trying to meet anyone). Like wise if you were to receive an email from some girl who wants you to “verify”, and you look and see that only two guys have signed up through her over a period of a year, in this case maybe she is legit. The problem is that any one person could pretend to be several different people online. Yet when it comes time to get paid, through a bank account i would presume, you need an id to start a bank account. So it would seem to me that the sites are basically knowingly allowing this fraud to take place. At any rate, i have not seen where any of the sites are disclosing their affiliate payouts.

    Furthermore, when a site claims it is free, but then the free section has no real value as you cannot exchange info as a free member, I would suggest this is a form of fraud and/or false advertising. I am hoping that sooner or later the Attorney General will arrest the owners of some of these sites… It really is ridiculous. What about a place for the person(s) asking us to “verify”.. let them verify first that they are for real. BTW, you can file a complaint with the FTC and supposedly it will be looked into. I hope they start arresting these scumbags.

    One more thing to consider: Good old Craig over at CL isn’t really doing much to stop the BS, as far as I can tell. All they would have to do is put in a email filter that takes out all the links. This way a person responding to a post would be forced to use a legit email address. It really is sad how these lowlifes have just about ruined the entire internet… Something needs to be done. Perhaps there should be a way to have it be clear the location of the person who is contacting you through their IP address.

    Keep up the good work. Good will prevail in the end. Also, I see here that we have a list of all the B.S. sites, etc… Is there a list of the good ones anywhere?

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  44. Bluemoon says:

    Add to your list.

  45. anony says:

    ok so i tried to get in touch with what im sure now are these scam sites, basically it would always be the same thing, 1st a reply with “oh im so glad you replied to my ad”. then id reply to that with maybe a simple question, “what color is the sky” to which the next email i would get no responses to the question just “please verify @.. its totally safe!” which i think we all know now is BULL.

    the only one that peaked my interest was 2 pictures of the same scantaly clad girl with my name on a sheet of paper.. is this photo shop done by someone or a program or is this some scumbags girlfriend helping them out because this one also wanted me to go to which i refuse to put any information into any of these sights.

  46. harly says:

    thanks for creating this site, got a reply for cl that sent me to a clsafety site. I was tempted, but asking for cc info, red flag. google returned this site, thanks for being here.

  47. 350GT SiTH says:

    bravo on this list. It is really amazing and I applaud you and your staff. This “supposed girl” didn’t hear from me because she try to send me to which is on your list. Now she is saying to verify at im not sure about this one because its not on the list. So I thought I’d put it up for you guys to take a look.

  48. Thompson says:

    Jst tamk God i found this sites,.,Please.,I want to know if., Scam or Legit?

  49. anonymous says: is a redirect site that is owned by the same persons as and and at least 16 other sites.

  50. Stow says:

    Do you know anything about Girl online forwarded the link via email. I had her send multiple pics to make sure it want some bot, and she did even with my email name written on a card next to her to prove she wasn’t fake. After reading some of these reviews, this site now sounds familiar with the scams. Has you verify age w/ cc info but then has a $1 charge even though out says “free”. Anyone know about

    • Anonymous says:

      Here’s a message from “Nicole Lewis” asking you to visit

      Hey There,
      First of all, I’d like to keep this discrete and Im looking for something that’s long-term. My exbf is a complete nut ever since we broke up, Lol. 1.5 yr relationship. I can’t remember if I told you yet or not, but I have a kid whos 20 months old. She will always be asleep by the time you come. This is my first time meeting someone from online, so Im not totally sure about it. I dont have any messengers as Im not on the comp much. I was thinking we could stay in contact from a free dating site, my user profile is at
      I have my phone number on my user profile, my profile is nicole22, so please shoot me a text or call me and we can get together tonight or tomorrow. Im going off the comp now, talk with you soon :).
      Attached a special pic for you to show that I am 100% real lol

      Yes, it’s a scam.

      • Dude says:

        yeah I just got that from the same chick but she said other stuff. Same photo on card and everything

      • Don't sign up lol says:

        The cards with ur name are photoshopped

      • son of a nutcracker says:

        did anyone send a photo? I did and now I’m afraid it’s going to be used somewhere!

  51. Anon says:

    I’m constantly getting bombarded with these spam emails. For example:

    You’ve been FAVORITE LISTED by Breanne Sande!
    Breanne Sande

    I put the into my browser bar and it redirects me to a scam site called I don’t have an account there, and never will. All of these spam emails originate from this one site. I’ve contacted their “customer support” several times they assure me I won’t receive anymore spam but well I do.

    Could this all spam be from craigslist itself, considering all the spam-scam emails are bombarding the account that is tied to my c-list account?


    Anyone have a good idea how to make this constant spam stop?

  52. Kelvin Vercetti says: — <– this is also a major scam!!!

  53. anonymous says:

    So I got an email from a girl on craigs list sayin she needed to verify my age and of course like a true dummy I fell for it and filled in my debit card info, but It said card was declined… Even though it said it was declined can they still hack into my bank account?

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s possible that you might still get charged for something. Monitor your account and dispute any suspicious charges you see.

  54. Waylon S. says:

    Ok I got these emails from this Nicole Lewis it all seemed like a scam unit see sent me a pic of her with a peace of paper with my email address on it. Now I’m not sure if its a scam or not. Any opinions?

    • Waylon S. says:

      Also same thing as everyone else with them wanting to verify my age with card info. Took me to Looks like it sends you to after that.

      • Anonymous says:

        I got exactly the same message as mentioned earlier and image w/ email photoshopped on the paper. It’s gotta be a scam.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s a scam. Providing a photo with something written on it that’s supposed to assure you that you’re not being scammed is a common trick.

    • Stefan says:

      Yeah you could tell that the name was put on the card by photoshop. If you zoom in on the pic the name dosen’t blurr the same as the rest of the pic. Gotta love photoshop! lol

    • archer says:

      I recieved a picture of her holding a card with my screen name on it. It’s a scam in order to make you feel it’s for real. don’t fall for it

  55. Josh says:

    Ok I responded to an ad on craigslist and eventually ended up on foxy daters. However I had a visa gift card that I used for the information instead of my actual credit card. Am I in danger of anything?

    • Anonymous says:

      You might find charges on it for subscriptions to porn sites or fake dating sites. If this happens, dispute the charges if you can.

  56. anonymous says:

    I signed up for foxydaters accidently and have emailed them about cancelling my membership right away, this literally was like 10 minutes ago and they have emailed me back assuring me i have only been charged 1 dollar, but i still don’t believe them how do i fight this if i end up getting charged more which im expecting and how do i make it stop, anyone have any expieriance with this scam site.

  57. hodor says:

    I googled this BEFORE I sent them my CC info B) Take that spammer scammer

  58. Andres says:

    i posted and add on craiglist hoping to get laid for free…i knew i’d mostly get spam email and other bs…but i was surprised by this girl from She actually took a picture with my name written on her to show me that was really her and the picture was recent. But still the website wanted me to provide my credit card…i was just surprised she really existed and was not some random pic downloaded from the web…i guess the scammers are getting better…not enough though

  59. Kelly says:

    Ive been reading through the comments and it seems every site is a scam. Are there any sites that actually work? If so can you please tell me them?

  60. Kelly says:

    What about I noticed it wasn’t on your list. Ever hear of it?

  61. drtardy says:

    anyone know anything about (not .com)…can’t find much info on it. website the girl sends you to shows that it’s “safe and secure”, has some “net nanny” approval thing…probably the same as all the above??

  62. aaron says:

    is foxydaters a scam cause i had a woman that said this photo is to prove i am real and she was bendin down with puxxy showin next to her was a note with my name on it

  63. Dr tardy says:

    they are all scams…photoshop is pretty easy to do to put your name next to the hottie…don’t fall for any of them…try a bar or nightclub!! It’s the only “safe” way left!!!

  64. C says:

    Someone check out, definatly a scam

  65. Brandon says:

    Didn’t give out my debit card # before I googled the site thankfuly. I still have their email addresses and craigslist addresses. What can I do with that?

  66. Until you are HONEST with yourself an understand and abide by these basic truths, you will continue getting scammed on-line:

    1. “A fool and his money are soon parted”. Craigslist and other such websites are loaded with scammers, the majority of whom are looking for some way to rip-off people for their money, using a variety of scams.
    2. “You get what you pay for”. No hot coed is going to spread her legs for a middle-age, balding, denture-wearing, beer-gutted guy unless he PAYS her big bucks to do so. If you try to get by ‘on the cheap’ by trolling Craigslist for free sex, here’s where you end up, grumbling about the result.
    3. “There’s a sucker born every minute”. Scammers and thieves won’t go away on their own; they will only leave when there are no more stupid people to rip-off. Educate yourself and others on how to recognize, avoid and eliminate the scams by flagging them as “PROHIBITED” and reporting them.

    Most of the people posting on this board are middle-aged men who got scammed while looking on-line for free sex. WAKE UP GUYS! If you join any website expecting to get laid for free, you’re naive at best. It’s not going to happen; at least not the way you fantasize it will. Even the most remotely attractive young woman (younger than you) is going to expect some form of compensation from you before she joins you in bed. You’d have had to been living on another planet if you think a woman doesn’t want something in exchange for her sexual favors.

    Most of those posting here can’t comprehend those facts, which is exactly why they were so easy to scam. The thieves are counting on a guy to believe that he’s such a stud that any girl will throw herself at his feet… as soon as he verifies he’s real and safe…
    The sooner you acknowledge that it’s going to cost you some amount of money to get with any real, attractive woman, the sooner you can leave these on-line scams behind and get down to the business of dealing with REAL women, face to face and start having sex.

    First, forget looking on Craigslist. Most girls advertise on the Backpage website under “escorts”, or on the Naughty Reviews website as “providers”. Start by going to the Naughty Reviews website and click-on the “Forums” section. There you can read (for free) what the customers and escorts have to say on a wide variety of subjects related to the “hobby” of escorting. Learn from it! (Yes, you must become a member if you want to post replies or read escort reviews, but you can do that “free” as well by posting your own reviews.)

    After that, armed with the knowledge you’ve gained from the Naughty Reviews Forums, you should go “get your feet wet” at your local AMP (Asian Massage Parlor); there’s at least one in almost every major city. Get acquainted with the girls there and let them feel comfortable that you’re not a cop, then you can start having sex with a real, live woman. (Insert trumpet blasts here) Once you’ve mastered that simple task, you can move-up to calling an actual escort and arranging a “date”. If you want to play it safe, you’ll call one who’s well-reviewed on Naughty Reviews. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can call one straight from the Backpage website.

    In general, regardless of where you go, it’s going to cost about $100 at present to get a quick, basic lay. Compare that to all the time, money and aggravation you’ll waste dealing with on-line scammers and you’ll find it’s really very cheap.

    Before anyone gets their panties in a bunch over anything I’ve written here: I’m 43 years old and ‘discovered’ Craigslist and all its’ scams about five years ago. Since then I’ve graduated to knowing how to recognize and report the scams. I’m a top local member of the Naughty Reviews website, I have a profile on the Seeking Arrangement website and I occasionally select an escort from the Backpage website. Going the ‘direct’ route and “paying for it” has saved me countless amounts of time, money and aggravation. When I have free-time on-line, I spend it flagging scams as “PROHIBITED”, give reviews on local escorts and offer advisories such as this to help others avoid the scammer’s pitfalls, while helping them find what it is they’re ultimately seeking. While my words at times may seem harsh, they are nonetheless true and aimed at helping.

    Remember: Scamming is not allowed on Craigslist, and therefore “PROHIBITED”, so it should be flagged as such; scam-ads are not simply “spam”. It takes fewer “PROHIBITED” flags to remove an ad than it does “spam” flags.

    • To be so intelectually gifted as you Brother,That one can identify scammers,spammers,phishers at a glance of an email. You say that your words are to enlighten the misfortunate souls that posted here,Then you must have a different dictionary than the one i use,Friend?
      Because i thought that to enlighten someone you tried to help,aide someone with reliable information,not as in your understanding,Which is demeaning & spiteful.
      Then we come to the fact that you,the all-seeing,all-knowing mentor of the poor,misguided men of the internet.. Are on this site to read peoples questions and then mock them for getting caught out by a scam.You must be really sad & lonely Brother, That you have got the time to put your mind to spewing such bile at total strangers.
      I pray for you my Son,that you will not be burdened with so much gift of Intellect,Empathy and that you can be of sound body & mind.
      Peace be with you my Son,may god go with you.

  67. Kc says:

    Are there actually and legit site that verify stuff like this or all they all scams

  68. eric says:

    What about is that scam site

  69. Kylan says:

    I got this one after getting one from craissecurelist. Just sent out one reply and got two hits, crazy. This one isn’t on the list. Ok babe, I just need you to verify ur safe to meet on my site I joined for my safety

    Once you verify send me your user name or just message me on there and we can exchange numbers and more pics ;) Im always online so don’t be shy, Hope you still wanna meet up.

    It is too bad we can’t send viruses to these bastards and just fuck up all of their lives.

  70. Trevor says:

    If someone gives billing info to, what other three sites does it bill you for?

  71. Bill says:

    Face it people. All of these things are out for you hard earned money. Quit trying to find one that’s not. One that is not doesn’t exist. Some of these “women” are not women at all, but some guy sitting in front of a computer in Ghana or Nigeria laughing their asses off at us. Keep your money in your pocket.

  72. mark says:

    A new site doing the rounds.

  73. It’s funny some of these scam dating sites are being reused again now in 2014! These people never give up, it’s unreal. From what I have been able to gather it seems like many of the people behind these scams are from Bangladesh and some are from Russia. Even with phone verification these scammers have been able to continue posting ads.

  74. It’s funny some of these scam dating sites are being reused again now in 2014! These people never give up, it’s unreal. From what I have been able to gather it seems like many of the people behind these scams are from Bangladesh and some are from Russia. Even with phone verification these scammers have been able to continue posting ads.

  75. raziel_5 says:

    I hope sites like the fake ones get shut down since there are those of us who would like to actually find real people and not bots or scammers after promotions, money or just wasting our time. This is another site sending e-mails through hotmail and/or craiglist: they also sent another site now:

  76. P1 says:

    Is this a secure site?


  77. brandon b says:

    What about and

  78. Jake Lemon says:

    Well I was talking with my friend about “a girl” he just met and how he tried to contact “her” and had to put his credit card info. He did it and well I know it is a scam and he realized after some google searches but, is there any way to make the info useless? I mean, like cancelling the credit card or something, is there a way to avoid getting stolen?

  79. This all seems too shady for my liking! Can somebody tell me if this site is a legitimate one? Or another one of those scamming sites to gain credit card information?

  80. Corey says:

    So I was dumb enough to enter my cc info on one of these sites when I pressed submit it highlighted my card in red and said please enter a different credit card will I be ok?

  81. Tim Boyd says:

    is this a Craig list scam website?

  82. Angela says:

    I had an ad on craigslist and this what I got not even in the area my ad was in. They sent very very personal pics and when I didn’t respond they sent 3 messages like this one but all a bit different with all a different reason why she needed this website. And how she has been almost raped and all. When anyone who’s ever known a rape victim our been one knows you don’t go out looking for sex online again. It just screamed scam to me when she kept pushing the site and didn’t read my 1st email telling her she had the wrong person that I’m female and not interested. So bewear of this site!

    I’m feeling both excited to meet with you (the incerted the name that showed up on my email here) at the same time as a bit worried at the very same time and also I had bad experiences before on cl with a crazy guy and one time some 15 year old tried to hit me up also some mudder case what i saw youtube… I can’t take any types risk this time, For that reason i contacted a verification company for meet up verification.
    Dont worry its free, check out my profile and get my phone number from here me as soon as possible. Let’s make this happen! i really want to meet you and spend sometime with you.

    Don’t worry, they will not ask you for money. You can register here for free they just require a valid credit card to make sure you are who you say you are and of age. It takes like 1 minute to get verified. As soon as you are approved access you get my full profile include number,Home Address just collect it and text or call me.

  83. john garcia says:

    is a legit site??

  84. ally says:

    Found an email in said bfs y7mail it was a website no strings attached,now can he be automatically signed up just by being in the porn site or joining? or does he have click on the ads saying nostringsattached promising of women in your area? I’m a little bit bewellered would appreciate some help, need to walk away or not jump to conclusions cheers

  85. ChadChad says:

    It’s sad that we live in a world that in order to meet someone nice, you have to go through all of the thousands scammers to find a glimmer of a real person. It’s not right I tell you. Oh well. I’ve been contacted by an Adrian Trimm on cl and she sounds genuine, but keeps trying to direct me to those sites that are scams. Too bad!

  86. kurt says:

    Have this 2 websites ever been flagged as a scam site??? or craigslist verifier??

  87. dante says:

    Is safelyhook dot com a legit site ?

  88. Jared says:

    Seeing if anyone has seen this one and can verify it?

  89. Will says:

    Emailed by woman on cl go to site it claims to be from 2008. A who is search site is 4 months old and wants card to verify age .
    Click terms conditions to try read the legalize bs on site redirects to a cam site ghat wants money for all transactions .. .
    Would not use the site. The tech support and admin and domain are all registered to free mail not business servers. About 90% sure tis a scam

  90. dskods says:

    Another one to add is

  91. Michael says:

    Is “My Verified Profile” a scam? They ask for a cc and say they charge nothing.

  92. I’d like to recommend a website to look into. It’s called I was just recently scammed by it myself. I met a girl online who wanted to meet me Irl but claimed I had to verify that I was completely safe and actually above 18. The website asked for a credit card number. After I “verified” I was suddenly signed up for multiple dating websites and porn websites that were all charging my card. Imagine that, huh? She claimed her name was Diana Lopez but I’m assuming that isn’t her real name. I tried finding her on the internet but it was challenging due to a celebrity having the same name. If you find anything out could you email me about it? It’d be appreciated, I just want to know what I got myself into here. I’ll put the website in the “website” text box assuming that’s where you want it.

    • Charemanmayonaise says:

      I had the same person try to scam me but I didn’t want to enter my credentials because it seemed a little sketchy so I was coming here to check if it was on the list and I saw that you put this and I knew it was. They really need to add that to the list of websites because the whole entire site does not look right.

  93. mathrew says:

    I want to knownif this site is a scam or is it legit

  94. Add I think they have an eye for “losers”. Luckily mine was just a joke profile to troll hot chicks. Don’t hate. Sorry bitches I’m too smart for you.

  95. +1 (480) 439-7697 don’t call that number.

  96. WILLIAM says:


  97. is safe?

  98. William says:

    Got this message from a woman claiming she wanted to hang out and have me get phone number in tinder

    “Well I’d definitely like to meet up if you pass a safe check..sorry to ask but would make me feel better. It’s at

    So here’s another er one for the list

  99. Tony says: new one

  100. Anonymous says:

    Anyone know if is a legit site or a scam?

  101. Jay says:

    Another one to add: “”

    ‘Connection’ on Craigslist, person sent pics of very hot mid-20’s lady, along with nude pics & pics in an official Air Force uniform. Claimed her name was ‘Amelia White’ and that she wanted an ‘NSA’ hook-up, but for her safety, you must sign up with the ‘safety check’ site.

  102. Marty says:

    It’s not gonna be free

  103. Herpa Derp says:

    add this one too please.

  104. I have encountered one that is using
    Five or six names .amy stacy kim ect.
    All are using the address fron ads on craigslist.they send u all over.

  105. Jason says:

    Is verify and meet a scam they say it’s free for the first two days and then they charge you

  106. Jeremy Greene says:

    Simply amazing article! I need help with this too! Filling out forms is super easy with PDFfiller. Try it on your own here Freddie Mac 70 / Fannie Mae 1004 (6 pages) and you’ll make sure how it’s simple.

  107. riley powell says:

    Nice to meet with people

  108. Philip says:

    I had a good one today. Girl sent me her own card to verify. Lmfaooo

  109. What about is this a scam site too? Plz let me know now.

  110. Rozza says:

    What about

    Done some looking, and some places say this is safe and been up for a year, others say it’s new and can’t verify the safety of purchasing from here.

    All so damn convincing right?

  111. xenics4lfc says:

    Is Craigsfriendfinder real or a scam?

    • Rozza says:

      I don’t know pal, personally I don’t want to try and find out. The women seem the same persistent types, avoiding all normal questions and behaviour. Constantly sending pictures and telling me it’s ok etc

  112. RNaylor says:

    Inquiring about

  113. Jack says:

    What about this one?

  114. allenw213 says:

    has anyone got a email for some one awansering you ad for dateing or sex and given a CC info because you took to long

  115. Fred says: real?

  116. Madraon says:

    Is a real site or fake I’d really love to know

  117. Ziolite says:

    Might want to add to the list. I didn’t fall for it (since it seemed so fishy) but googling that brought me here, though it doesn’t appear to be on the list yet. exact same basic scam, respond to a craigslist ad, suddenly start getting emails from someone (at a couple of different email addresses!) with pictures attached and broken english explaining that i need to sign up with this site so she can be safe. Oddly enough the first three just went into my spam folder, and I didn’t see them until a fourth arrived with no picture or any links (or any actual acknowledgement of the previous messages) just saying something like “sorry for the late response I was out of the house when I posted the ad” (but with a bunch of spelling and grammar mistakes). It was only after I looked at this odd email and the sender that I saw the other messages in my spam folder. Very odd way of operating, I guess it does catch people, but it seemed so obviously off to me.

  118. Charlie says:

    Hi, Is a scam? I would appreciate some feedback. I’m talking to a woman named jessica. Thank you!

  119. Charlie says:

    Hi again…we have also been on kik! Her names are erain.69 and jakson.hotgirl! Maybe this will help.

    • Fritz says:

      Yes it is, anything where they suggest needing a C.C number to verify age is a scam, period! The alphabet soup on one side about “as seen on CBS, MSLSD, ABC, blah, blah, is a dead giveaway since those are standard boilerplate for spam emails going way back.

  120. Joe says:

    I keep getting pestered from a kimi rachael to join i have over 50 emails in 2 weeks i told her stop messaging me im not interested i havent replied since the 5th email i told her stop. But the emails keep comming her email is

  121. blackstarshooter1 says:

    oh god i hope i did srew my seft over i kinda but my debit card info in
    Craigslistsafe. Org cause it auto conform well any thing bad happn?

  122. Rich Diehl says:,, and you get on either site and you get redirected to other sites. One of these sites TRIED to scam me out of $39.99! Luckily my bank sensed fraud and locked my account.This was SUPPOSE to be FREE.

  123. Lemmy says:

    They must have a script they use or it is 1 piece of shit. The “i want you on my moment”
    What ever the fuck that means. And take a walk on my wild side. And the #i just remembered this site that only needs your email address” i replied to this one bitch told her to go lay by her dish. She replied” perfect
    Ill give you directions to my house when you find me on whatever the site shes working for at that time.

  124. Mandi says:
    I keep receiving profile links from the one i have listed above but do not see it on this list


    • Fritz says:

      Any dating or hook up site that asks for a credit card number up front is fraudulent. Even if they claim it’s only for verification purposes and that membership is free they are lying to you, the default setting is for you to subscribe to an “Upgraded” membership if you do not unclick the box that says so. Unfortunately that still doesn’t prevent bogus charges from being put on your credit card, so it’s best to stay away.
      However there are some sites that won’t ask you for a credit card number up front, but that doesn’t mean it’s a legit site. These sites, such as MilfsHookUp dot com, have profiles of what they call “Online Cupids” which will email and message you in an attempt to get you to “upgrade” your account and give out your C.C number. These “Online Cupids” are fake profiles, the women do not exist, in fact if you scroll through their pages of prospective accounts more then 75% of them are these bogus “Online Cupids” with stolen profile pictures.
      I don’t know what to suggest in terms of free sites where you can meet women, even Plenty Of Fish has gone downhill in this respect, and don’t even bother with Zoosk. Zoosk is almost like a scam site without the stolen porn pictures, to do anything on there other then posting a profile it’s all pay, pay, pay. P.O.F has left a bad taste in my mouth lately when I found out that they have promotional links to many of these credit card scam dating/hookup sites, I even messaged them about it to complain.

  126. ryan walker says:

    Scam i need to know asap

    • daveturner says:

      I would say 90% or more percent are scams .any time someone request something even slightly questionable of you,just close it out and move on.Ive checked out numerous sites Ive never given money but every site was a any photo’s via image on google search,it will usually show you the model they’ve used from various sites.

  127. Keith Winkel says:

    A girl insists that I join “Hot casual hookups” dating site and get an
    Age verification identification card. Please let me know if all of this is legitimate or a scam. and even though the site advertises that the card is free how much does it actually cost? I will give you the email that she gave me…Stacie

    • Fritz says:

      It’s probably a bot, or a scammer, and may not even be a girl scammer. I would stay away from “Hot Casual Hookups”, it sounds like yet another of a long list of crappy off shore dating/hookup sites that will insist they are free, then ask for a credit card number anyhow, and then start billing you for a bunch of bogus “services” or “Upgrades” that you never asked for.

  128. Jeffrey weikel says:

    Is the web site secure dating a real web site?? A woman wants me to join it before we meet??

  129. Jeffrey weikel says:

    They want my credit card info

  130. Jeff says:

    Why can’t these site be shut down if they do not produce the product they claim to have for you? What sites are legit?

  131. Jay says:

    add also has a monthly recurring and terms to share all your info

  132. Avezes says:
    Gets content
    Pulls from dtwnsgls.vom

  133. Jesse says:

    How about these two?

  134. Ron says:

    Make that grinder blender and tender and also Adult Space these are the fakest place I been on I have been on one of the websites for more than five years and I have gotten nowhere with it I think it’s just straight BS

    • Pickzilla says:

      There’s literally nothing left that hasn’t been infiltrated by the scammers, unless you like 300 lbs chicks who’s ass looks like 50 lbs of chewed bubblegum. If any of you guys knows ANY legit places left, please share.

  135. Terry cox says:

    I didnt see this one haughty hookups??
    So is this a good site?
    They want my c/c number 0.00 charge..
    I just need to know real fake ..

    • Terry cox says:

      Naughty hookups sorry about that ..

    • Fritz says:

      I’m pretty sure that Naughty Hookups is one of those sites on the excrement list, there is one outfit that runs a half dozen of these that is based in Cyprus, Have a look at the location of their tech support or head office, usually located somewhere on the site, if it gives a location on the Island of Cyprus, St Kitts, Barbados, or some other island tax haven, it’s basically a scam. Almost all of those off shore dating/hookup sites are a scam of sorts, though not the same as the “verification” scam sites. The way they work is they offer you a free “basic” membership, then before you even get your profile made up you will start receiving all kinds of messages from “women” in your area, and the searches you perform will also find all kinds of “women” in your area, except these “women” don’t actually exist, they are fake accounts aimed at getting you to take out a paid membership.
      I joined one of these sites once, then quickly figured out that all of the “women” I kept finding in my area were actually bogus accounts and quit, they usually have some cute name for them in fine print on their profile pictures such as “online cupid”. Believe it or not if you scroll through the user agreement they have posted on the site, they actually admit that these “women” are fictitious, but claim that they are for “entertainment” or for “enhancing user experience” or some mumbo jumbo, In any event, apparently if you are foolish enough to take out a paid membership, the messages will stop, and all of these “women” in your area will magically disappear, the only thing you will get is a credit card bill, and maybe access to some second rate porn you can get for free elsewhere.

  136. Mike, W3SPF says:

    All so-called “verification” sites are scams. Every single one of them.

  137. Don says:

    Yep I’ve noticed many parallel message statements with 3 different women on Craigslist personals. I chatted with all three for two days, new something was funky. The Big enchilada was when I visited the chicks site for “age verification” I noticed I was redirected and the Green or yellow secure lock wasn’t in the address, which it should always be for card info, right?? I’m so friggen glad I found you all that verified my verification (or lack there of) lol. Thanks a million and watch out use your big head!!!

  138. Greg Holland says:

    What about these? Ive been asked to be approved for date from :

    Meet local agreement

  139. Michael says:

    Add this website address for a scam and fraud —

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