is yet another site pretending to offer the CraigslistSafe verification service. Someone posted a m4w ad on Craigslist and received this reply from “Elizabeth Babicke” (

hey I saw your ad and would love an occasional hookup get back to me.

After he replied to her, he received this message:

hi again are you free right now totalk?
i screen so do this for me and message me on there
cant stay on much longer though

talk to ya soon,

The securedate link in the message points to

The sign up form is contained inside a frame. When you look at the source code for the frame you see that it comes from, a porn site.

Source for sign up form

Again, there is no CraigslistSafe verification service. is not a dating site, it’s just a scam used to sign you up for porn sites and the scammer who owns gets a commission for each person he signs up. Anytime a site asks to use your credit card to verify your identity, it’s a scam like this one.