2SafeLocals.net and Verify-Locals2.com

Here are two more fake dating sites:


If you try to visit the home page of either of them, you see the message “Error 401. Please enter the full Link”. You need to include a path to one of the viewable pages. For example, these URLs both work.


The sign-up form for 2SafeLocals.net is inside a frame that loads content from amateurpleasuretube.com or some other porn site, as you can see by right-clicking on the form and looking at the frame source.



Verify-Locals2 has a dummy login form in the top right corner. If you enter a name and password and click enter, nothing happens. This is the same form, and as a matter of fact, this entire page is almost identical to the one we saw on craigslistsafe.localsafe.org. The sign-up form for this site sits in a frame that loads its content from cashuniversity.com, and when you sign up you get directed to some adult site or other. Again, you can see this by looking at the frame source.