is a clone of, a site we’ve already reported. This site does not provide any sort of dating verification service, it has no members, and there are no people on it to meet. It is a scam used to fool you into signing up for the porn site After you fill out the sign-up form on, you get taken to a page on

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This is the fine print on the order form above:

+ You are entitled to free lifetime access as a basic member without any charge or further participation. Additionally, free premium access* will be granted at no charge provided you complete an online profile and confirm your information within two days, otherwise this membership will recur monthly at 39USD until cancelled. is hosted by LeaseWeb. Forward any scam messages you receive for that site to and make sure to mention that is known to be a scam site. Be sure to include a copy of the message headers.

UPDATE, 4/25: One of the fake identities used for this scam is Vicky Lattore and her profile page on the site is
Another of the fake identities is Diana Richardson who has this profile